Four days before Valentine’s Day (February 10), Regal Entertainment will unleash for public consumption its super hilarious but super sweet RomCom (Romantic Comedy) full length movie feature LOVE IS BLIND under the helm of Indie Film director Jason Paul (Direk JP) Laxamana.

Derek, Kiray and Kean
Derek, Kiray and Kean

In an interview held at the Luxent Hotel, Direk JP said that this is his first time directing a mainstream project and adding to the pressure is the RomCom theme that is very far from his previous body of works (Magkakabaung, The Spider’s Lair).

But there is always a first time for everything.

Just like Derek Ramsay who is working for the first time on the big screen with ex-sweetheart Solenn Heusaff and the very funny but lovable Kiray Celis.

Derek is actually at the heart and center of the whole story as the man who is the apple of Kiray’s wild obsession. Solenn on the other hand plays the role of Kiray – yes, you ‘heard’ that right. SOLENN is KIRAY!

Well actually, in the eyes of Derek (after being drugged with a love potion), Kiray becomes Solenn. Which explains the ‘landian sa beach’ and the passionate kissing scenes between Derek and Kiray in the trailers.

LOVE IS BLIND is also Derek’s first Valentine movie.

Another story center is Kiray Celis, who said that she’s so happy to have been given this big break by Regal Entertainment. A break that her other home (network) was not able to give her, according to the young comedian.

Kiray also thanked Regal for making her feel special and for trusting her with this project.

Mother Lily Monteverde and daughter Roselle Monteverde (who were both present during the media con) also announced that Kiray will have another upcoming project with Regal after LOVE IS BLIND.

Kean Cipriano is like the third wheel here in the story. He plays a loving and supportive friend to Kiray.

And with that, we now have a general idea of how the story will go and how it will end.

However, Direk JP said that the exciting journey and interaction of all the characters in the story are the highlights of the movie, the predictability of the plot and the ending is immaterial to what the audience will feel inside the theaters while watching it. In other words, the movie promises to be very entertaining than thought-provoking.

Before the media conference ended, Derek, Kean and Kiray (Solenn was feeling under the weather and was not able to attend the media con) shared their personal encounters with situations that exudes the idea of ‘Love being blind’.

Here’s a video:

The cast of LOVE IS BLIND will be in Starmall Cebu on Saturday.  And then on Sunday, they will be at Market Market at 4pm and Starmall Taguig at 7pm. Catch it in theaters on February 10!

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