It’s going to be cold nights and early mornings from here on now!

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has forecasted the blowing of the northeast monsoon (hanging amihan), to peak from mid-January to mid-February. The monsoon, which originates from Siberia, brings cool, light weather – a welcome change for a tropical country like the Philippines.

For most parts of the country, this favorable forecast means that we still have time left to revel in this chilly weather.

However, this implies another thing: More days of shivering under cold showers!

Or not.

If there is a time when water heaters become handy the most, it is during these cold mornings when the least you want to do is shiver during a bath. Water heaters prove to be a necessary investment to your home.

Water Heater 11

But what exactly should you look for in one?


Water heaters are meant to provide instant comfort during those cold days.  Midea Water Heaters, for example, delivers better heating efficiency through its advanced stainless steel heating element (this is for the 6500W model only; the material of the heating element of all the other models is copper).

Additionally, a Midea Water Heater is equipped with seven power steps for selection and advanced water flow techniques for better control (this is for the 6500W model only; the two 4500W models have a “stepless” power adjustment while the 3500W model  has only three – low, mid, high).


Water heaters, when not installed or used properly, can be a source of hazard in your home.  A dedicated electrical circuit is required to ensure that the appliance will work reliably. Additional safety technology like Midea’s safety sensors are a huge plus, too.

The multiple safety protection of these water heaters ensure that there will be no scalding, electric shocks, and overheating from the unit. The anti-overheat protection, particularly, prevents the water temperature from rising above 55 degrees Celsius, in case of any abnormality that might remotely occur. Moreover, its built-in electric shock protection assures that even if the unit gets wet, the user is protected from any possibility of electrocution.


With power rates fluctuating, energy efficiency is a very important factor that should be considered before getting any appliance. Midea Water Heaters provide an energy-friendly way of enjoying hot showers without worrying about the cost.  A 10-minute shower only costs Php8.00. of power usage


Water heaters are long term investments so go out and find one that is built to last for years. Midea does not only provide durable appliances but is also backed-up by a concrete after-sales service network. Midea’s Water Heaters also come with a 5-year warranty, to assure its longevity and performance quality.

Regardless if you are fighting the chills or just craving a hot shower after a long tiring day, a water heater is definitely a significant addition to any home.

For more information on Midea Philippines’ products, visit their website www.midea.com.ph or Facebook page https://www/facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.

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