In this day of age in entertainment where almost everything are streamed or downloaded online, it’s quite hard to find a reason to purchase music or movie products via old school like CDs and DVDs.

However, once in a while, something comes up that compels you to embrace the old ways once again because it is so worth it!

Such is like the new album of the Queen of RNB in the Philippines – KYLA!


Simply titled as “My Very Best KYLA” the album released under PolyEast Records is KYLA’s limited edition 15th Anniversary Album which contains 15 of  her very best including the classics Hanggang Ngayon and Beautiful Days.

This Tondo girl has gone a long way after winning Tanghalan Ng Kampeon in 1993 with the Jennifer Holiday song “I Am Changing”.  However, her first studio album came seven years after that with “Way To Your Heart” released in July 2000 by EMI (PolyEast Records).

Here are the list KYLA’s studio albums:

  • Way To Your Heart (2000)
  • Kyla (2002)
  • I will Be There (2003)
  • Not Your Ordinary Girl (2004)
  • Beautiful Days (2006)
  • Heartfelt (2006)
  • Heart To Heart (2008)
  • Private Affair (2010)
  • Journey EP (2014)

In November 2011, KYLA married long-time boyfriend and basketball star Rich Alvarez.


Here are the Tracks in the Anniversary Album:

  1. I Am Changing
  2. Muli
  3. On The Wings Of Love
  4. Mahal Ko O Mahal Ako
  5. Huling Sayaw with Kamikazee
  6. Don’t Tie Me Down
  7. Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)
  8. How Do You Keep The Music Playing with Martin Nievera
  9. Say That You Love Me with JayR
  10. Tara Tena with Kaya feat V3
  11. Beautiful Days
  12. You Were There with Regine Velasquez
  13. Sana Maulit Muli with Gary V
  14. Flexin  with Blue
  15. Hanggang Ngayon


This is absolutely a great selection! I couldn’t have chosen the songs better.

Wishing KYLA another good 15 years of making wonderful music!

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