Before the age of social media and wireless internet connection, reading a good book in the afternoon or the daily broadsheet in the morning used to be the norm while enjoying a hot cup of coffee either at home, the office or your favorite coffee shop and restaurant.

Of course, the activity is usually tied to people who work in an office setting or those that run businesses, and sometimes college students.

Karylle and Ben Alves at Book and Borders Cafe
Karylle and Ben Alves at Book and Borders Cafe

Fast forward to today, it’s COFFEE paired with laptops, iPads and smartphones.  Books and other reading materials are almost on the verge of being called as unnecessary in most coffee shops while more and more people are becoming glued to their devices.

However, there are some people who are still very fond of reading real magazines, newspapers and books while having coffee.  Yes, a lot of them are old folks but there’s also a growing population of young REAL READERS out there who spends hours in bookstores browsing on paperbacks and other new reads.  And for these type of people, there is a new shop in Tomas Morato that will satisfy their craving for a good read while having a sip of their favorite hot and cold drinks.


11751782_1081793758514697_2062936818162363311_nLocated at 281 Tomas Morato in Quezon City near Scout Castor, BOOK AND BORDERS CAFE offers an extensive collection of different kinds of books, from Best Selling Novels, Coffee Table Books, References to Children’s Books, that you can just pick up from the shop’s walls while enjoying your coffee and meryenda in their comfy couches and light colored tables and chairs.

It’s library heaven for all book-lover’s.

Aside from coffee and reading, BOOK AND BORDERS CAFE is also a relaxing venue for warm, intelligent conversations and small group meetings.  The walls are filled with interesting conversation pieces and other knick knacks.

11825723_1081793761848030_3175590137033392538_nActually, this place is also a great venue to conduct group study sessions.

Yesterday, BOOK AND BORDERS CAFE officially opened its doors to the public inviting some of the biggest personalities in the entertainment industry together with media friends and bloggers.  The crowd is led by BOOK AND BORDERS CAFE ambassadors and self-confessed book worms, Benjamin Alves and Karylle!

Ben Alves and Karylle with host Kim Suiza
Ben Alves and Karylle with host Kim Suiza

Joining Ben and Karylle at the launch are three of the country’s most beautiful women – Venus Raj, Ariella Arida and Wynwyn Marquez.  Hosting the event and activities are Kim Suiza and Ken Alfonso.

Complementing the cool ambiance of BOOK AND BORDERS CAFE are their wide choices of drinks and dishes.  Here are the items on the menu board yesterday.


Book and Borders Cafe
Book and Borders Cafe


  • Espresso – 100
  • Doppio – 105
  • Cafe Americano – 110
  • Long Black – 110
  • Piccolo Latte – 115
  • Cappuccino – 125
  • Flat White – 135
  • Cafe Latte – 135
  • Cafe Mocha – 140
  • Brewed Coffee -140


  • Iced Latte – 150
  • Iced Mocha -150
  • Iced Americano -120
  • Iced Coffee Fudge – 170
  • Caramel Frappe – 140
  • Hazelnut Frappe – 140
  • Affogato – 140


  • Matcha Green Tea – 170
  • Strawberry – 170
  • Mango Vanilla – 170
  • Mixed Berry – 170


  • Hot Chocolate – 120
  • Salted Hot Chocolate -125


  • Fried Tuyo – 195
  • Chicken Penne Pesto – 195
  • Tuna Garlic – 200
  • Bolognese – 200
  • Quatro Cheese -220
  • Truffle Mushroom – 230


  • Grilled Mozarella – 185
  • Clubhouse – 210
  • Beef Pastrami -240
  • Smoked Turkey – 240


  • Mized Fruits and Vegetables – 170
  • Caprese Salad – 170
  • Caesar Salad – 180
  • Mixed Vegetables – 200


I have tried their Quatro Cheese Pasta and Iced Mocha. They’re both good and I really love how the Iced Mocha changes from strong to creamy as the ball of cream melts and blends with the iced cold drink.

Quattro Cheese
Quattro Cheese
Chicken Penne Pesto
Chicken Penne Pesto

The shop also serves cakes and pastries.  They have a lot of cake varieties to choose from and I will definitely come back to try some of it.




BOOK AND BORDERS CAFE is a must-try not just for book and coffee lovers but also for anyone who is looking for a nice, cozy place to hang out, alone or with friends, family or colleagues.

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