If you still consider Fridays or Saturdays as party after hours and booze-all-you-can time with friends or families, the word HANGOVER should already be a norm for you.

You eat headaches for breakfast – a small price to pay for a relaxing and sometimes wild and carefree night!

However, hangovers can still be your worse nightmare and by now you’ve probably realized, that just like your drinking problem, it’s quite hard to cure a hangover by just sheer force of will.  Good thing that there are some things that you can do to ease the pain.

Here are Six Simple Cures For Hangovers



scrambled-eggsEasy on the stomach and packed with loads of protein, a quick fry-up helps absorb leftover toxins from one too many gin and tonics.  The saturated fats in eggs help to repair the brain cells that are potentially damaged by alcohol.  Eggs also contain cysteine that help mop up acetaldehyde, which is responsible for that hangover feeling.


home-remedies-for-hangover-bananasReplenish electrolytes after a night of heavy drinking with a banana. It’s an easy way to get potassium into your system. Apart from bananas, you may also choose fibrous fruits such as papaya to help break down and absorb whatever remaining toxins left from the previous night and replenish all the vitamins and nutrients that you probably lost.


If you’re not a fruit person, use coconut water as a quick hangover remedy. It’s one of the fastest ways to rehydrate after having one too many beers or cocktails and a single serving as more potassium than a banana – potassium is the nutrient that really helps ease the symptoms of a hangover. If scouring the market for a fresh coconut when you’re nursing a hangover would be a problem, then why not stock up your fridge with Vita Coco.

vita cocoVita Coco is a natural, refreshing beverage that “hydrates naturally.” This low-calorie, coconut water drink is the perfect alternative to regular sodas and fruit juices and is available in easy to drink Tetra Pak containers that preserves coconut water’s nutritional integrity and flavor.


cdn-write.demandstudios.com-upload--image-66-80-4876F23C-8F1D-492E-87BA-AAC11F718066-4876F23C-8F1D-492E-87BA-AAC11F718066Before going to bed, take a vitamin B complex supplement to help metabolize and eliminate the alcohol in your system.


Hen-Party-Deposit-495-(1)Another detox option is to serve yourself some green tea with rosemary or lavender to help calm your stomach if you’re feeling nauseous.


exersiceTry to haul yourself off the bed or couch and cure that hangover with some exercise. Get your blood pumping to get your liver to work faster to break down the alcohol left in your system as you wait for the endorphin rush to snap you out of that hangover funk. Just be careful about dehydrating yourself and keep your refreshments close at hand.

When all else fails, get up, stretch and get some fresh air. Take a brisk walk and go home, rest and sleep it off.

The simplest things can do wonders for the worst hangovers but the best cure of all is to learn to drink moderately!

Six Simple Cures For Hangovers
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