Cartoon Network together with Top Draw Animation recently launched the first ever Adventure Time Art Fair School Tour 2015!

The Art Fair which will visit 10 schools in Metro Manila until the end of September features various activities for the student participants including a special hands-on tutorial on how to draw the different characters of everybody’s favorite Cartoon Network TV series Adventure Time.


Adventure Time follows Finn and Jake in their quest to protect the citizens of the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo.  Finn and his magical dog best friend Jake take the whimsical adventure which let them meet amazing characters like Princess B (Bubblegum), Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen and many others.

finn and jake

Leading the tutorial session is one of Top Draw’s Animation Director FRANCIS KIKO LERMA!

Kiko Lerma has been in the animation industry for 16 years.  Since he was a child, he knew he wanted a career in animation.  He started as a clean-up artist wherein he put final touches on an animator’s rough sketch animation.  He then became an animator and after six years he became one of the animation directors of Top Draw.  His works include a commercial short story animation called Mike Reporting On… and scenes from cartoon shows such as Class of Titans and Exchange Student Zero.

Here is a video of Kiko Lerma drawing Adventure Time characters FINN and JAKE.

How to draw FINN and JAKE (Finn)

How to draw FINN and JAKE (Jake)

How To Draw FINN and JAKE with Kiko Lerma

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