From Nilo Comoda/PSN and PM
From Nilo Comoda/PSN and PM

Contrary to what my parents have been saying to a lot of people, I don’t hate FISH.  I may not like eating them on a regular basis but I don’t hate them.  Hate is such a strong word.

Actually, it’s not only the fish that I seldom eat but I think I am just not that fond of sea foods.  Maybe it’s the smell, the texture or maybe because they’re usually prepared like they’re still alive, you know with the head, and all the body parts in tact.  Well, that’s just me but no one can argue the fact that sea foods are more healthier to eat than any other meat dishes.  Take for example, Salmons and Tuna – these two edible fishes are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart and circulation.

I must admit that of the many variety of sea foods out there, I can only proudly announce a few that I can eat.  Let’s name a few shall we:

  • Dried Sea foods like Tuyo, Daing, Dilis, Danggit and Pusit.  Danggit is in fact one of my favorite dish and I love pairing it with sinangag and egg.
  • Smoked Fish or Tinapa is also a favorite.  I love my palabok with lots of fresh tinapa flakes.
  • Shrimp in sinigang or prepared as halabos, ebi tempura or as a main ingredient in Okoy an.  I also love their mini versions – alamang, fried with garlic, onions and topped with kamias bits.  Yummy!
  • When it comes to fresh fishes, I can only name two – Bangus (milkfish) and Tuna!  And that’s it!
  • If canned sardines counts, then let’s add that too.

That is why I simply adore Fisher Farms and their products.  They’ve got a lot of ready-to-cook and delicious milkfish variants which makes me super happy since like I said it’s either Bangus of Tuna for me – this gives me and people like me more choices to enjoy fish meat.

Fisher Farms Products

Fisher Farms said that their milkfish are grown in the pristine waters of Pangasinan, in fish cages for a sweeter, more flavorful, firmer and cleaner fish.  They’re fed with only high protein feeds so we can be sure that we are going to get the highest quality of meat all the time.

Just the other month, Fisher Farms delivered straight to our door a sample of all their milkfish products for me to taste.  A 1.3kg Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus, Bangus Lemon Butter, Fish Hungarian Sausage, Garlic Fish Longaniza, Fish Nuggets, Roasted Garlic Milkfish Loins and Smoked Deboned Milkfish.  All of these Fisher Farms products are properly packed and sealed – so those who are a little sensitive to fish smell will have no problem getting these inside their grocery bags.

Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus


This is huge!  1.3kg huge!  Fisher Farms’ Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus was specially concocted by renowned celebrity chef Reggie Aspiras, assuring homemakers of a choice product that is fit to be served in any fine dining establishment.  You can buy these in supermarkets at three fish sizes: 800 grams, 1.1 kilos and 1.3 kilos.  Depending on the size of the fish, a Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus can feed up to 12 hungry people.  It is stuffed with fish filling, sweet potato, bangus belly and shrimp.  This dish is party-worthy!

Bangus Lemon Butter 482g


Deboned milkfish in lemon butter sauce.  Available only in S&R at an SRP of 249.95 pesos, this product is being exported to the US and the Middle East.  A pack contains one cooked belly which is equivalent to 4 servings.  Just fry or heat in a microwave oven.

Fish Hungarian Sausage 310g


Available in major supermarkets, the fish hungarian sausage is sold at a retail price of 112.00 per pack of 4 pieces.  It is made from milkfish with a plant-based casing.  It is gluten-free, casein-free, nitrite-free and halal certified.  Best cooked pan-fried but you may have it grilled also.  I’ve tried it pan fried and it doesn’t taste like fish – walang lansa!

Garlic Fish Longaniza 250g


Tired of the usual pork longaniza?  Why not try this one from Fisher Farms – although this is really very possible it is my first time to taste a longaniza made from bangus.  One pack has 9 pieces and it is being sold at an SRP of 80.00 pesos per pack.  Unlike the regular longaniza, fish longaniza is low on cholesterol and fat.  I must admit though that the taste need a little bit of getting used to – especially if you’re very much in love with the taste of pork longanizas.

Fish Nuggets 200g


My kids love chicken nuggets for their ‘baon’ – we love it too because it is very easy to prepare.  A healthier alternative to chicken is fish.  We’ve tried the other fish nugget brands that are already in the market but they didn’t like it.  Maybe because of it’s strong fishy taste (masyado malansa).  Fisher Farms Fish Nuggets which is now available in leading supermarkets at an SRP of 73.00 pesos per pack boast of its tempura batter which is similar to the texture of chicken nuggets sold at McDonald’s.  This one they liked!

Gourmet Selections Roasted Garlic Milkfish Loins 400g


Available in Rustans and Shopwise at and SRP of 165.00 per pack, the Roasted Garlic Milkfish Loins is marinated in a zesty garlic mixture.  This one is something straight from the menu of a fancy hotel restaurant best paired with salad, corn or rice.  You can grill it, fry it or bake it.  Try it with a side of asparagus with olive oil or steamed Chinese long beans.  Awesome!

Smoked Deboned Milkfish 400g


But probably the best tasting Fisher Farms product in my opinion is their ‘Tinapang Bangus’ – whoa… the taste just blew me away!  If I am to recommend just one product from their selection – this would be it.  And I don’t even like Tinapa that much.  Available in Rustans, Shopwise and other leading supermarkets at an SRP of 140.00 per pack, the Smoked Deboned Milkfish of Fisher Farms is smoked using virgin beechwood chips imported from Germany that ensures a rich, smoky taste, juicy texture and a chemical-free product.

So who says I don’t like FISH?  I love them, as long as it’s from FISHER FARMS.

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