dinnerdate.jpgWith only four days to go before the day of hearts, it is only customary for people who celebrate Valentines Day to go out and look for places – restaurants, mainly – to get all romantic, full and satisfied at the same time.

This time of year, hotels and various restaurants have a number of Valentines Day promos and discounts which makes it hard for us to choose the right place to have our dates (whether it be with the whole family, single friends or your significant someone) because they all are very appealing and exciting.  Well of course you want all the best for this special occasion but we can’t all be like James Bonds and James Deans who can always get away with everything.

So here are a few basic tips on how to choose the right restaurant for your dinner dates.

  1. Do your research, find out your date’s preferences on food and drinks – make sure that you go for something that you both like.  When you’re eating the same type of thing that’s going to be an excellent conversation piece.
  2. Make sure that the place is accessible – not too familiar and yet not too far or secluded – choose a restaurant that is near places where you can hang out after.  Remember, she wanted to date you and not the restaurant – a beautiful, cozy venue to dine in should start the date night and not end it!
  3. Work within your budget.  Sometimes when you over do it just to make a good impression, you end up all stressed-out and that will reflect on your mood during date time.  So, make it simple and within your wallet’s reach.  Don’t rely on plastic money even if you have tons of that.  Most of the time, the simplest dinner dates make the most memorable experiences.
  4. Make it a Pinoy dish!  Survey says that a growing number of people all around the world are voting for Filipino food as the most delicious and not to mention the most romantic.
  5. Oh, just in case you ran out of things to talk about during dinner, or don’t know where to start for a conversation – Google about the restaurant you’ve selected so you can be a ‘sort-of’ an expert when it comes to it.  So it’s best if you also choose a restaurant with a very rich and colorful history.  But don’t over do it and be like a walking and talking wikipedia all night long – spark interest or make some leading statements but let her ask the questions first before you give out everything that you know.  Be cool!

Now, here’s a suggestion.

Last week, friends from Max’s Restaurant invited me to attend a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner party complete with dating games and surprised treats.  Max’s is one of my all-time favorite all-Pinoy restaurant.  Their ‘sarap-to-the-bones’ chicken is the bomb but what I really love on their menu right now is the Sizzling Tofu.  And when I found out that the dish is going to be included in their Valentine’s Day meal promo, my mouth watered like crazy (figuratively speaking of course).



Here’s the rundown on what they’re offering for the love month:

The Perfect Date Food is ‘Max’s Meal For Two’ with a regular half serving of Max’s Fried Chicken complemented by a savory choice of Sizzling Tofu or Adobong Kangkong Tofu with steaming white rice, two glasses of iced tea or any sodas and a pair of delicious Buko Pandan for only 529.00 pesos.  A total of 191.00 pesos worth of savings that you can avail until February 28.


For every 1,500 pesos worth of food expense at any Max’s Restaurant, get a BOX OF YUMMY CHOCO AND CARAMEL BITES from Max’s Corner Bakery for FREE from February 13 to 15.  Visit the Max’s Corner Bakery for some additional sweet and fun Valentine’s treat that you can take home with you or send as a special gift to a special someone.  Check out their LOVE LETTER and LOVE BIRDS COOKIES.


Their regular cakes also got a face lift for Valentine’s Day – cool HEART-SHAPED CAKES!


Also, indulge in their two new special cake flavors – WHITE CHOCOLATE BUTTER CAKE and the CHOCO PEANUT BUTTER CAKE.  Trust me they’re super delicious!

White Chocolate Butter Cake
White Chocolate Butter Cake


If you’re a little tight on the budget, then you might want to just take home some Two-In-One Max’s Corner Bakery CAKE ROLLS – Choco Mocha, Jelly Pandan, Choco Peanut Butter and Ube Strawberry.


So how’s that for a mouth-watering idea for a dinner date treat?  If you want to check their menu or the restaurant’s history (*wink* *wink*) go to www.maxschicken.com

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