BeFunky_CIMG1221.jpgI’ve been wearing this Kubot movie shirt that I got from a special press conference held a week before its premiere at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF 2015).  There have been many occasions that I went out wearing the shirt after Christmas and I always get the same positive reaction from people.

They look at your shirt, smile and then mention the title ‘Kubot’ with much gusto followed by all kinds of gestures of approval or excitement.  The only negative reaction that I got was from a woman (mid-30s) riding a jeepney and talking to her companion last December 30.  I was seated right next to her and I think she didn’t notice that I had my ‘Kubot’ shirt on.  The conversation that I overheard was something like this,

“bla-bla-bla… napanood na nila mga MMFF, kami apat pa lang.. ayoko panoorin yung Kubot, parang pangit… tsaka hindi nama ako siyete (seven) bakit ko papanoorin yun. -bla-bla-bla.”

And that’s a quick non-bias movie review for you from a lady riding a jeepney. hehehe

For ‘ate’ I dedicate the Kubot theme song ‘DEDMA’ of Abra and Julie Anne San Jose:


Anyway, speaking of movie reviews (from someone who is not a fan of any TV station and who have actually watched the film in full), I would recommend you read Fred Said: Movies’ review of Kubot – here’s the LINK

Kubot is produced by Reality Enterntainment and Agosto Dos Productions and is a sequel of the hit 2012 Erik Matti film Tik-Tik: The Aswang Chronicles.  The story of Kubot picked-up from where the first film left off.  It can actually be a stand-alone movie but it would be even better if you’re able to watch the first one too.  I have, and this sequel will absolutely make you crave for more parts in the future!  And we will.

Part three is already in the works according to Direk Erik Matti and he told bloggers that the production already have enough story materials even for a Part Four or Five.

For the next film, the current producers of ‘The Aswang Chronicles’ signed a contract with GMA Films to ensure the continuity of the movie franchise.

Here are photos of the contract-signing and the Press Conference:





The movie stars DingDong Dantes (Makoy) together with an ensemble of great actors like Lotlot De Leon, Isabelle Daza, KC Montero, Julie Anne San Jose, Joey Marquez, Abra, Elizabeth Oropesa, Ramon bautista, Bogart The Explorer, Hannah Ledesma, Jun Sabayton, Alonso Mulach and Mona Louise Rey.


Cast Photos:





For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, I am telling you now – you should or you’ll miss out one of the greatest local MMFF movie experience of your life.  To give you a birds-eye view, here are 5 things about the movie that makes it worth seeing:

Number 1

3rd best Picture – MMFF 2015

Best Supporting Actress for Lotlot De Leon (Nieves)

Best Supporting Actor for Joey Marquez (Nestor)

Best Production Design

Best Visual Effects

Best Make-Up

Direk Erik Matti
Direk Erik Matti

Number 2

Ramon Bautista who died in the first film ‘Tik Tik’ is back from the dead but not as a vampire but a totally different character – policeman Justiniani.  He is 1/2 of the dynamic (and wacky) police duo of Justiniani and Macapagal.  Macapagal is played by first-time actor and popular local social media icon Bogart The Explorer.  They kinda remind me of the two cops in Gil Kenan’s 2006 animated film ‘Monster House.’

According to Direk Erik Matti during the press conference, they plan to include Ramon Bautista in all the sequels of ‘The Aswang Chronicles’ playing different characters of course.

Hannah Ledesma, Jun Sabayton and Ramon Baustista making fun in front of the press conference cameras
Hannah Ledesma, Jun Sabayton and Ramon Baustista making fun in front of the press conference cameras

Number 3

We have an imported (english-speaking) Aswang, Aswang women having a very bad hair day, Aswang councils and modern-day Aswangs living inconspicuously at the heart of mega manila having regular jobs but same nasty habits.  Much like the twilight series but with that irresistible local flavor.

Direk Erik Matti also reveals that, ‘The Aswang Chronicles’ will feature all the different kinds of ‘Aswangs’ and there are many.  Too many to show in just a two-part story – so definitely, there’ll be more to come.

more of Hannah Ledesma
more of Hannah Ledesma

Number 4

Mr. DingDong Dantes and his hard-core, butt-kicking character Makoy!  His character’s brazen nature in Tik Tik is made more interesting in Kubot with the addition of a truly badass all-purpose, ‘aswang-proof’ utility mechanical hand.  It’s like a swiss knife but bigger and more deadly.

Dingdong Dantes

Number 5

Kubot is action, drama, comedy, fantasy and adventure all rolled into one exciting and excellently executed film!  It’s past, present and future all at the same time.  I love how the story started and much more how it ended.  Direk Erik Matti is a movie miracle-worker!

Here are some stills of the movie:




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5 Things About Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 That Makes it Super Awesome

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