2015 looks like a great year for films as critics projects more awesome original releases and sequels from giant movie outfits.  In the past years, we’ve seen some radical changes in how big film production companies selects which type of movies to produce often and which type to produce sparingly.

It’s a business after all, so as far as business models are concerned, what works right now for producers are:

  • Comicbook-based films (not necessarily a superhero movie)
  • Film adaptation of hit novels and TV series (especially those that can be produced with sequels)
  • Remakes, Reboots or Re-imagined films

The main reason is probably because it’s cost-efficient, easier on the timetable plus it already has an existing fan base or some sort of public familiarization. That, or producers have all gone lazy!  The downside is that these types of movie always sets a benchmark for critics and original fans and will either label the film as either an embarrassment (betrayal) or a faithful rendition.

With that said, I think that the formula is working very well so far as shown by the number of sequel films due for release in 2015.  I have listed down 15 much raved sequel films happening next year.

Movie Sequels 2015


1. Taken 3 – January 2015

2. Fast and Furious 7 – April 2015

3. Avengers 2 (Age of Ultron) – May 2015

4. Mission Impossible 5 – December 2015

5. Star Wars Episode 7 – December 2015

6. Pitch perfect 2 – May 2015

7. Terminator 5 (Genisys) – July 2015

8. Ted 2 – June 2015

9. Insidious 3 – May 2015

10. Mad Max 4 (Fury Road) – May 2015

11. James Bond 007  (Spectre) – November 2015

12. Jurassic World – June 2015

13. The Chronicles of Narnia 4 (The Silver Chair) – December 2015

14. The Woman in Black 2  – January 2015

15. Mall Cop 2 – April 2015

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15 Movie Sequels To Watch Out For in 2015

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