When you’re a kid and your family celebrates Christmas, you’ve probably equate the month of December with gifts and lots and lots of toys!

Before ToyCon, Christmas is the month when all the newest toys come out.  From high-tech electronic robots to the fastest RC cars to the fluffiest stuffed animals.  From ‘Barbie’ dolls to action figures, we all see it during the holidays and toy shops are the merriest of mall establishments.


But before buying your kids and your favorite ‘inaanak’ some toys, here are a couple of safety tips to consider:

  1. Inspect thoroughly the toys before buying specially those made with PVC plastics with bright colors, scratch to make sure that the paint do not easily comes off.
  2. Although it’s already a mandatory requirement for all toy manufacturers not to use lead on their products, still check for lead content.  Lead is hazardous to health and may affect the brain development of a child.
  3. Pay close attention to the age recommendations indicated on the labels and choose one according to a child’s age, interest and skill level.  Check also for the toy company’s license to operate markings on the label for added security.
  4. Avoid giving children ages 3 and below any toys with small parts such as removable eyes, noses, etc., they are choking hazards.  Always do the toilet paper tube test – any toys or toys with parts that can fit inside the tube should not be given to younger children.
  5. Avoid giving toys with sharp points or edges made from metal or glass to children ages 8 and below.  This includes stuffed animals with wires that could stab, cut or shock if exposed.
  6. Look for alternative toys and gifts that are not only safer but more educational like activity books and games.

This season of giving, make sure to have these simple reminders on your checklist for a safer and merrier gift-giving!

Check out the Rescue5 one-minute video below for more information.  This video is part of Rescue5’s series of public service interstitials or plugs that show how to celebrate the holidays safely and how to properly respond to any emergencies that may occur.  It will be aired regularly throughout the holiday season on TV5, AksyonTV and Radyo5.

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