535910_785344188227126_1283930256711791694_nVilla De Oro is a premier events place located along Aguinaldo highway, right at the invisible gates between Tagaytay City and the town of Silang in Cavite.  A less than 5-minute ride from Olivarez Plaza.

An accessible venue for weddings, seminars, meetings, retreats and recollections right at the heart of Tagaytay.

Villa De Oro, a Spanish word that literally means ‘Village of Gold’ is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the usual hotel.  It is exclusive, peaceful and personal, as it provides a ‘blank canvass’ in which visitors can customize the place to suit their events.

I recently visited the place to facilitate a leadership training seminar for the Catholic Youth Organization in the Philippines.  I went there by bus, commuted from Pasay City and paid the conductor a fare around 70 to 80 pesos – I am not so sure about the exact amount but it is somewhere between those figures.  Sorry, I wasn’t paying much attention since I have on my left hand a soda and on my right, a muffin and a hash brown while getting some money from my wallet to pay for the fares – you would be confused too, right?  Or amazed at how I did it without ever putting one item on the ground. hehehe

Anyway, your landmark would be the Tagaytay City Institute.  Go down at a street called Segundo Maitim which is the street on the right side of the road before the Institute, walk straight down that road and look for the gates of Villa De Oro on the left side.  You can’t miss it.


This original farmland has been transformed into a sprawling paradise of European-inspired architectural mansions with lovingly-tended graphic gardens painstakingly crafted for special outdoor occasions like weddings and other elegant gatherings.  The abundant flora inside the Villa is a soothing sight – the smell of country fresh air is just so precious.



There is also a spacious swimming pool area for that morning or mid-afternoon pool parties, relaxing summer vacations and company poolside R & R activities.  It’s hidden from view when you’re at the social hall, chapel and even the mansions.  The pool area does not cause any unnecessary distractions whatsoever.


Villa De Oro also features a domed shape chapel nestled atop layers of steps as well as grottos of saints that inspires meditative prayer and fruitful communion.  For those seeking a spiritual experience outside the usual religious retreat houses that Tagaytay is known for, Villa De Oro is an excellent alternative.







Majestic crystal chandeliers covered the ceiling of a rectangular social hall that is conveniently connected to the dining area, surrounded by a magnificent view of the villa gardens.  Italian marble table tops, wrought iron chairs, and embroidered draperies.  These are just some of the things that transform Villa De Oro events to a classic style of dining elegance.



Complete wedding packages for 100 guests may go for as low as PhP99,000 to PhP165,000.  Overnight seminar and meeting packages for 30 persons may go for as low as P1,100 per head and  P850 per head for overnight retreats and recollections.

Villa De Oro may not be a real village of gold but for its low price package and wonderful facilities, I think this place may be considered by all those looking for a place to make wonderful memories as one of Tagaytay’s El Dorado.

For more about Villa De Oro, go to their website www.villadeoro.com.ph or call 806-7090, 0919-8227143, 0927-3480616 or 0922-8035093

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