Sangobion the leading multi-vitamin and mineral brand with organic iron (ferrous gluconate) in the market cap off its Go Love Life year-long campaign with the Be A Lifesaver blood letting event held at the SM City Fairview activity center last Friday, November 5 in coordination with the Philippine Red Cross.

Sangobion #BeALifesaver

A product of Merck, the oldest pharmaceutical company in the world, Sangobion through its Go Love Life campaign empowers women to take care of themselves inside and out.

Everyday, hospitals use 2,000 to 2,500 units of blood for their patients.  Many mothers especially in rural areas die from blood loss  during childbirth.

With the aim to help more women to have access to safe and healthy blood, Sangobion and Philippine Red Cross launched a month ago the Be A Lifesaver campaign which invites people 17 years old and above to donate blood during a whole-day fun event at SM City Fairview hosted by blogger Patty Laurel-Filart.


People lined-up for the Free Anemia Testing and the 5-part Sangobion Iron Challenge as well as for the actual blood letting activity.  The beds inside the activity center are always full and by 5 in the afternoon, the Philippine Red Cross announced through Dr. Malou Fuentes that they have already gathered over 150 units of blood.

A single unit of blood can help at most three different people since blood is divided into three components: red blood cells (RBC), platelets and plasma.  These components may be used to treat a variety of medical conditions and other purposes.

Here’s how the blood letting process is conducted:


By the way, you will not be allowed to donate blood if you are iron deficient.  And iron deficiency is a serious thing because initially it causes a variety of symptoms like fatigue, weakness, lack of concentration, shortness of breath, chest pain and dizziness.  Ultimately people suffering from iron deficiency anemia may develop heart problems, infections, problems with growth and development and other complications.

How much iron does our body need in one day?  Around 25 cups of broccoli or 700g of beef or 600g of salmon.  That much!

Sangobion is used to treat and effectively prevent iron deficiency since it contains just the right amount  of organic iron, vitamins, minerals and sorbitol which prevents constipation a common side-effects of taking iron supplements.


Donors were treated to special treats from Sangobion plus a chance to meet and greet one of the brand’s ambassadors blogger Kelly Misa-Fernandez and special guest Karylle who performed one song for the donors and all the spectators at SM City Fairview.


Here’s a video of Karylle’s performance:

Representing Sangobion during the events were Merck General Manager Louie Roxas, Marketing Manager Gio Igual and Consumer Marketing Head Debbie Go.

Patty Laurel, Debbie Go, Louie Roxas, Malou Fuentes, Kelly Misa and Gio Igual

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