Pasig has a new Korean chicken place and it’s HOOLALA!

According to TV personality GRACE LEE, the owner of Hoolala Korean Chicken House, the word ‘Hoolala’ is a Korean expression that literally means ‘to move quickly’ but is used similarly to the Filipino expression ‘Bongga!’


This new Korean Chicken House is conveniently located at No. 7 Amber Square, Escriva Drive in Ortigas, Pasig City near the Astoria Plaza.  Just a couple of blocks away from Shangri-la Plaza and SM Megamall.  It’s a well-lighted and spacious rectangular food place that’s easy on the eyes and not too intimidating for regular diners.

Grace Lee formally opened Hoolala Korean Chicken House’s doors to the public last November 7 together with business partners Paolo Bediones and Arnold Vegafria and has since then became the new talk-of-the-town in Pasig with its signature Korean chicken dishes and her mom’s authentic JapChae recipe.

That’s why, I was really excited when I received an invitation to have lunch there last Friday (December 5) with Grace Lee and Arnold Vegafria.

Arnold Vegafria, Grace Lee and mom
Arnold Vegafria, Grace Lee and mom

Grace said that she and her mom both love to cook.  Her parents are in the restaurant business and it has always been her dream to open up a restaurant of her own.  A Korean restaurant in Pasig is of course a natural choice since she’s Korean and she lives in Pasig.

But she wanted her restaurant to be unique.  And since Korean chicken has been getting much attention worldwide like K-Pop and Korean TV series, plus the fact that Filipinos loves chicken so much, Grace decided to open a Korean Chicken House that features authentic Korean chicken dishes and a couple of all-chicken fusion recipes.

Grace Lee
Grace Lee

Here are the dishes that you should check out at Hoolala Korean Chicken House:

Yang-Nyum Chicken - Original Hoolala Fried Chicken tossed in special home-made sauces.  (Half - P300 / Whole - P560)
Yang-Nyum Chicken – Original Hoolala Fried Chicken tossed in special home-made sauces. (Half – P300 / Whole – P560)

I’ve tried the Yang-Nyum with Hoolala’s ‘Oh My Garlic’ sauce and it taste wonderful!  ‘Nakakagana’ is the word that I would use for this dish because it has the perfect balance of  sweetness and spice.  The chicken on its own is already tasty but with the sauce on it, it’s a whole new different experience.  Next time I’ll try  their Traditional Sweet Chilli, Classic Soy, Cheesy-Gooey and Chilli-Sili sauces!

Kimchi Fried Rice - P55.00
Kimchi Fried Rice – P55.00

Kimchi Fried Rice is perfect for all their chicken dishes.  It’s spicy but not too spicy.  I was never a fan of Kimchi but this Kimchi fried rice made a believer out of me and I am wondering that if I buy a bag of Kimchi from Hoolala, would I be able to replicate this fried rice at home?  I am not sure – Grace’s mom is an excellent cook!

By the way, while Grace is hands-on when it comes to marketing and the over-all operation of the restaurant, her mom is the brains of the kitchen!  Grace contributed a couple of dishes but the bulk of whatever’s on the menu is courtesy of her mom’s excellent taste in food.  It’s as authentic Korean as it gets.

JapChae (Solo - P70.00 / Share - P120.00)
JapChae (Solo – P70.00 / Share – P120.00)

This Japchae is to die for!  Grace said that this is the dish that her mom is known for!  I have tasted a lot Japchae and so far this is the best one!  Hoolala Korean Chicken House could change their name to Japchae House and it would not hurt the restaurant a bit – until I taste something better, they own that dish 100%.

Korean Ginseng Chicken
Korean Ginseng Chicken

This is not yet on the menu, and it’s called Samgyatang or Korean Ginseng Chicken.  I could describe this dish as the Korean version of the Tinola, only that it taste more like Nilaga.

Korean Chicken Stew (Solo - P90 / Share - P160)
Korean Chicken Stew (Solo – P90 / Share – P160)

Korean Chicken Stew is like ‘kaldereta’ and it’s as spicy like that.  More sour than sweet and this one’s lovely to pair  with your favorite alcoholic beverages.  Hoolala Korean Chicken House is open from 10 to 2 in the morning to accommodate that late night and after midnight food trips that Pasig is known for.

Boneless Cheesy Melt  (Half - P330 / Whole - P620)
Boneless Cheesy Melt (Half – P330 / Whole – P620)

Cheesy sweet and spicy – you may opt to have it sauced with Traditional Sweet Chilli, Oh-My-Garlic or Chilli-Sili.

Ordered some sides as well, like this huge Onion Rings for only P60.00

Onion Rings (P60.00)
Onion Rings (P60.00)

And of course, while waiting for your meals the food servers will offer you first this complimentary pickles.


So that’s about all the food that my tummy could handle in one sitting.  The next time I come back here I’ll try one of Grace’s favorite – the Pa Dak, which is original boneless Hoolala chicken dish with zing of pa or spring onion tossed in her mom’s special dressing!

Grace is planning to come out with four (4) new Hoolala Korean Chicken House branches in 2015 and maybe have it open for franchising after three years.

Hoolala Korean Chicken House
Hoolala Korean Chicken House

The best thing about Hoolala is that its authentic Korean dishes are very much affordable!  For example, their 1-pc chicken set menu with rice and drink is only P89.00.

Hoolala Korean Chicken House also delivers – just call any of the following numbers: 638-6465, 0939-5378000 and 0926-660800.  LIKE them also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Hoolalakoreanchickenhouss

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