We all know that the coming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is going to be the film that will set the Justice League live-action movie on the big screen.  But did you know that before getting our first look at Wonder Woman during the San Diego Comic Con, Aquaman has already made his presence known in Man Of Steel?

Well, Well.  According to ‘The Wrap’s” Jeff Snieder – Aquaman saves Clark Kent from drowning.  Remember the scene where Clark saves the workers trapped on top of the burning oil rig?  Clark got knocked off and fell, sinking beneath the ocean and then all of a sudden whales appeared.  We did not see what happened next.



Snieder said that the whales were under the command of Aquaman and they saved the Man of Steel from drowning.

Here’s a video of that scene:

Case in point, the offshore oil rig featured in ‘Man of Steel’ was said  to be owned by the ‘Merevale Oil’ – it’s the name of the oil company that Aquaman had a clash with in the pages DC comic books.

No confirmation as of this point with regards to the clever deductions but assuming that Snieder’s statement is true – that would be one of the most awesome but subtle entry point for the King of the Ocean in Dawn of Justice.

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