GMA Network launches two innovative shows this September!  One gives you a taste of exact sports science while the other can instantly make you rich or poor in a matter of seconds.


MP Featuring Sports Science

MP stands for Manny ‘The Pacman’ Pacquio, and he is the host of GMA Network’s newest special weekly program that gives viewers a ‘pound-for-pound’ sports science information starting September 14 during the Sunday Night Box Office!  This is Manny’s comeback show on television which is a ‘pinoy’ adaptation of a US docu-series on the science behind sports and athletic activities.

Joining the boxing champ in MP Featuring Sports Science is the uber sexy Solenn Heussaff.


Don’t Lose The Money

Hosted by Tom Rodriguez, ‘Don’t Lose The Money’ is the newest and toughest franchised game show ever introduced to the Filipino audience.

Contestants can go from hero to zero or rich to poor in just a matter of seconds and every round is an action-packed race against the clock!  The game will test the players skills and teamwork; every move can bring one team to take the lead so there’s no way knowing which team will bring home the jackpot money until the very end.

Two (2) teams of three (3) players will be given P250,000 each.  The money is theirs to keep, all they have to do is to try to hold on to all their cash while doing a series of three (3) tough physical challenges to get to the final round!  The team that plays the jackpot round has the choice to play or pass.  Whoever plays the jackpot round will have to save half of the jackpot money to be able to bring it home.  If not, the other team wins it!

Relationships and friendships will definitely be tested in the game show where the only rule to remember is … Don’t Lose The Money!


MP Featuring Sports Science and Don’t Lose The Money on GMA This September
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