If there is one battle that we, here in the Philippines are currently winning, it is probably our all-out offense on reducing the use of plastic bags.

Aside from poverty alleviation – which is a complex challenge that is both economic and socio-political in nature – three other priority social concerns have always been on the top of the list of almost all social-welfare organizations and NGOs (non-government organizations) here in the country – drug prevention, AIDS awareness and environmental rehabilitation.

It was indeed a momentous occasion, when award-winning advertising agency LOWE Philippines unveils its three art mural pieces last Friday (September 5) at the SM Aura Premiere Atrium.  With the message, “Plastic bags clog drains and make floods worse”, the murals was made entirely from different kinds of ‘used’ plastic bags (the kinds that supermarkets use to carry all your grocery items).


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The campaign promotes, through the use of art, the three (3) Rs of environmental protection – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.  This LOWE campaign has already won two Cannes Lions (Silver for traditional illustration and Bronze for illustration, press), seven nominations for the Clio Awards and a number of other recognitions.


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LOWE Philippines president Leigh Reyes said that the agency has been working with SM on various campaigns, including environmental solutions and disaster preparedness.

10641185_879124615448280_1661339456162103701_n“While plastic bags are still used, surely there can be creative ways to repurpose them,” Reyes said in her speech during the launch of the exhibit. “The award-winning plastic campaign to promote SM Eco Bags did exactly that. When we choose to reuse, whether it’s plastic bags or SM Eco Bags, we are all helping the environment, in our own small way.”

SM launched its Eco Bag project in 2009 promoting the use of reusable shopping bags to minimize the use of plastic bags.  The first series of Eco Bags used the designs of National Artist Manuel Baldemor, more artist later lent their artworks for the campaign.  Over 3.2 million of these reusable bags are now in the hands of eco-conscious shoppers nationwide.

LOWE is now currently preparing to gather more plastic bags for their next murals.  Shoppers of SM Aura are given the opportunity to participate in this endeavor by dropping their used plastic bags in a recycling bin located near the exhibit area.  The LOWE murals will be on exhibit until September 14.

Blogger Ruth Dela Cruz doing her share for the sake of art and the environment
Blogger Ruth Dela Cruz doing her share for the sake of art and the environment


SM and LOWE Philippines Exhibits Award-Winning Art Murals Made From Used Plastic Bags
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