Transformers: Age of Extinction was an appropriate title to the fourth live action film adaptation of the 80s transforming alien robot cartoon adventure!

The new Michael Bay film was a continuation to the Dark of The Moon story, happening a couple of years after the Chicago incident, but it is also a complete detachment from the original plot.  A fresh take to the mystery behind the basic element that comprises a transforming alien robot race which left viewers with so many questions unanswered and a plot full of holes.


I really didn’t take the movie too seriously but still I find it less interesting and less entertaining than the first three parts before it.  And here’s why:


  • An alien robot bounty hunter called Lockdown, working with humans and gathering ‘heads’ for the so-called ‘maker’ – what’s up with that and WHY?
  • A dead Megatron scrap metal head implants his essence to a man-made ‘soul-less’ transformer called Galvatron – the decepticon leader is just so hard KILL.  Megatron as Galvatron is officially resurrected just to announce that he’s back – I can’t connect the importance of that event to the whole story, it’s not even the central theme of the film.  The whole movie doesn’t even have a central theme for pete’s sake.
  • The new man-made Transformer robots transforms in nano-tech style and I think all Gen 1 fans felt betrayed with that idea.  It lack style and completely distorted all the basic principles governing the complexity of life.  The first movie’s cube action was forgivable but they have gone too much on this one – you mean to say humans perfected a transformer, who’s science is far more advance than any lifeforms in the universe in just a matter of a couple of years after discovering its existence?  Now that’s giving the human race too much credit.
  • Whatever happened to Sam Witwicky?  Also, the sight of humans getting thrown and being caught by giant robot hands during a chase scene are getting very old.  It’s like a silly carnival ride – it gets boring.
  • The premise is that Lockdown and its human allies killed a lot of autobots in Age of Extinction.  I only saw two.  The problem is, I didn’t felt the same level of emotion that I got when I saw the first Transformers Animated Movie where Ironhide, Brawn, Prowl and Ratchet died during an ambush.  Now that’s what you call a classic turn of events.  There was no emotional connection between the audience and the autobots that they’ve slaughtered in the movie because the plot didn’t build up on that angle as well.
  • I also thought that the Dinobots would have some very important role in the movie –  I thought wrong.  Apparently, they were used the very same way as the ghost soldiers in the mountains of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with Prime as Aragorn.
  • There are so many insignificant characters in this movie that your mind can’t process what’s actually happening.  Too many plot directions that led to.. well, nowhere.
  • And oh, you know what I realized after watching Age of Extinction?  It’s comparable to the last Enteng Kabisote movie – too many OBVIOUS brand placements.  The biggest one was CHINA!  Because, “It’s where the money are”

The movie is just too long for its worth.  I think it’s safe to say that Michael Bay and the writers of the film has ran out of creative juices on this one.  They should’ve stuck with the original Gen1 Unicron-Galvatron-Hot Rod- Rodimus Prime story then.

The positive points in the movie however are the near-flawless CGI Animation and of course the signature Michael Bay mayhem-on-the-road shots and lots of awesome explosions.  The cars used in the film are also awesome!  The stunts are exceptional and kinda exciting – unbelievable but exciting.  Humor is also okay.  The actors are all wonderful.

I just hope that the next Transformers movie would be an out-of-the-box experience that will make audience believe in the franchise once again or else, Michael Bay’s robots in disguise will really face an Age of Extinction.

Thanks Myk Cruz and Solaire Resort for the movie date!

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