BeFunky_CIMG4030.jpgFor those who know and have the Judy Moody books in their library, you’d probably know his younger brother – Stink.

Written by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Peter Reynolds, the Judy Moody series are one of the juvenile titles that never gets old.  You just never get tired of Judy’s antics and her hilarious stories.  Judy’s brother Stink is also a chip off the old block.

I now have the two Stink books at home:

  • Stink –  The Incredible Shrinking Kid (Scholastic)
  • Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker (candlewick)

As you know by now, I love buying pre-loved books and I purchased the two Stink books at 2nd hand book stores.  Stink The Incredible Shrinking Kid for 40 pesos and Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker for only 75 pesos.


I just love how Megan McDonald envisioned the characters of Judy and Stink.  The two Stink book’s a keeper!

While looking for the second book of Stink, I also chanced on another cool book called Yuck written by Matthew Morgan and David Sinden (Matt and Dave) and Illustrated by Nigel Baines.  Yuck apparently has a lot of other interesting titles like:

  • Yuck’s Fart Club
  • Yuck’s Slime Monster
  • Yuck’s Amazing Underpants
  • Yuck’s Abominable Burp Blaster
  • Yuck’s Big Bogeys
  • Yuck’s Pet Worm
  • Yuck’s Alien Adventure
  • Yuck’s Supercool Snotman
  • Yuck’s Mega Magic Wand

What I bought though bears the title Yuck’ Rotten Joke Ha! Ha! Ha!


Another thing that I discovered after looking at the book is that it’s a World Book Day Special Double Cover Book – the other cover which is at the back (actually there’s no way telling which is back and which is front) is writer Laura Owen and illustrator Korky Paul’s Winnie To The Rescue that contains two more stories – Itchy Witchy and Winnie’s Book Day.

You wanna know how much that double cover cost me?  – only 15 pesos!  And that’s why I love pre-loved books! hehehe



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