jackson-main(1)SAMUEL L. JACKSON stars as Aker in the live screen adaptation of the cult anime series KITE by Yasuomi Umetsu.

KITE was originally a Japanese Animated OVA and graphic novel that generated a lot of attention for its very excellent story-telling of a tragic tale of a young woman forced to become a sex slave and trained as a ruthless assassin.

The live action movie directed by Ralph Ziman is based on this very tragic tale although it is not yet sure if this will be as faithful to the original story because of its very sensitive theme.

The live action film is set in the wake of the global financial crisis, one that has rendered the government an ineffective corrupt puppet state, the real power now lies in a massive organized crime ring, one that maintains absolute control through intimidation, bribery and murder.  Fueling the new global economy is an extensive international prostitution ring, where the majority of young women are sold into sexual slavery and leaving most citizens too terrified to resist.  Taking a stand against this is SAWA (played by India Eisley), a young woman who, after the murder of her parents by Mafia hitmen, has sworn revenge on those who left her orphaned.  Guiding her in this mission is Aker (Jackson), an aging police detective who raised Sawa and trained her to be a ruthless assassin, all while providing her with “Amp,” a powerful narcotic that allows her to forget the traumatic memory of her parent’s death.  


But, the closer she gets to the head of the crime syndicate, an elusive man known as The Emir, the more careless she becomes-leaving a trail of evidence and witnesses in her wake, making it harder for Aker to conceal her identity from his corrupt peers.  Despite this recklessness, she excels at her mission until she teams up with a fellow vigilante, a mysterious man with a connection to her parents, who forces her to confront her most feared enemy: the past and those very memories she had hoped  toforge.

Also starring in the film is Callan McAuliffe as Oburi.

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Set to open this 2014, KITE will be released and distributed by Captive Cinema.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON to Star in the Live Action Film Adaptation of Hit Japanese Anime KITE
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