0I can’t believe that I  am writing a review post about Episode 12 of THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 4.

But I guess yesterday’s episode impressed me a lot that I had to write my thoughts about it.  This post will not give away too much of the story for all those who have not watched it yet but I think you might want to know that the title of the episode is STILL and it follows the characters of DARYL (Norman Reedus) and BETH (Emily Kinney), and only them.

It doesn’t have all the ghoulish action that the past episodes of Season 4 offered, but what it lacked in action it made up with a lot of drama.  This episode almost made me cry – and that’s how powerful the story was.

The second half of Season 4 has broken the status quo sending all the remaining characters scattered and running.  So naturally the plot was all over the place as well.  Actually, viewers who have watched the series since day 1 still don’t see where all these is going and now that the momentum was broken, everything has blurred up even more.  In episode 11, we did see an introduction to some new characters including a scientist (presumably) named Eugene who claims to know a lot of things about the whole ‘walker’ mess.  And again, there seems to be an overlapping of priorities here because the lack of character build-up (again) on Eugene and his two pals has ‘killed’ the suspense on  that revelation.  And also, the opening of the second half of Season 4 introduced TERMINUS as a sanctuary for the living but there was not much emphasis also, so audiences tends to equate that angle as a boring addition to the plot.

However, Episode 12 has, in some way, redeemed a couple of the lost elements in THE WALKING DEAD Season 4.  To make a long story short – a moonshine session has revealed more about the two characters (Daryl and Beth) than what we’ve learned about them in the past seasons.  It was like a resurrection for an already given-up DARYL and a metamorphosis for the secluded teen-age role of BETH.  The ultimate message of this episode was as the screen-captured images below will show you is WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP (of course said with a kick-ass attitude).



There were a lot of powerful scenes in Episode 12:

  • BETH’s first walker kill
  • DARYL using the pictures of the rich board members of an abandoned golf and country club hanging on the wall as a dart target
  • BETH’s first drink of booze – a peach schnapps (symbolic of her coming out of her comfort zone) but suddenly breaks down and cry to embrace her weakness again before opening the bottle.  Luckily for her, Daryl was there and delivers a saving grace in the form of moonshine.

“Ain’t gonna have your first drink be no damn peach schnapps.” – Daryl

  • DARYL breaks down and cry, a softer side of the rugged crossbowman that we don’t see much.


Emily Kinney needs to polish up a bit on her acting skills but over-all this was a very powerful episode.  I loved it.  Even the underlying message were powerful as well – that the ‘walker’ situation aside from being a tragedy is also a great equalizer.  There’s no rich and no poor.  ONLY SURVIVORS.

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