6a00e5538500478833019b034ba7e9970dIf there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?

Believe it or not, that may have been the toughest question I have ever encountered.  I am not really sure if that question was ever raised in a beauty pageant before and I can only imagine several obvious but lame answers to the question such as:

  • I will serve my countrymen to the best of my abilities (from a politician)
  • I will help spread love, peace and joy (ho-ho-ho-ho)
  • I will throw my garbage only in a garbage can (entry-level answer)

Well, anyway to answer that question I forced myself to go into a meditative state – in other words, I slept through it for several days before finally realizing that the word ‘Philippines’ in that question is actually more than the place, the race or the political identity of our people.  Philippines is a person, and it represents you, me, all of us who were born here or have our roots deeply embedded in this part of the world.

Treating the word ‘Philippines’ as a singular person made the question a bit more easier to grasp.  That has led me however to hundreds of thousands of things that I wanted to give to my beloved Philippines.  And yes that includes the three examples that I cited above.  But the question that was presented is only begging for that ‘one’ thing that I can give.

I am a Catholic.  And in church, we used to sing this beautiful song called ‘One More Gift’ during the offertory and I’d like to share with you a line from that song,

“If there’s one more gift, I’d ask of you Lord it would be Peace here on earth, as gentle as the children’s laughter all around – all around”

Here’s the full song:

The most basic ‘want’ of every person not only in the Philippines but all over the world is PEACE.  We all want PEACE.  To some that may sound moot and academic but it is the truth.  And although in the song we ask God for PEACE here on earth, what we should be really asking for is to become the PEACE that we seek in this world.

PEACE, lasting peace begins on the inside.  When we ourselves are at peace, all the world around us will be infected with that peace that radiates from within us.  And our family, our community, our city, our Philippines will all be better.

If there is one gift  that I could give to the Philippines, I wish to give her PEACE.  My PEACE.


PEACE that is born from the RESPECT for all of God’s creation including our fellow men.

Hindi ako maninirang-puri.  Pangangalagaan ko at mamahalin ang lahat ng klase ng buhay.  Kung lahat tayo’y irerespeto ang karapatan ng bawat nilalang, hindi tayo mamumuhay sa takot at sa lahat ng oras ay may kapayapaan.  Pangangalagaan ko ang integridad ng lahat ng nilalang kasama na ang mga natural na yaman ng Pilipinas.

PEACE that is strengthened by an innate understanding of people and circumstances.

Ang hindi pagkakaintindihan ay ang kadalansang pinagmumulan ng anuman klaseng pag-aaway at pagkawala ng kapayapaan.  Ako ay makikinig at pipiliting ilagay ang aking sarili sa kalagayan ng ibang tao upang sila ay maintindihan.  Isasapuso ko na hindi lahat ng bagay ay makakaya kong baguhin tulad ng kamatayan, datapwa’t mayroon namang mga bagay na kayang baguhin tulad ng ating mga paniniwala at pag-uugali.  Sa pamamagitan noon ay makakamtan ko ang kapayapaan ng kalooban.

PEACE that progress into a personal responsibility to spread it to all men, one person  at a time.

Ibabahagi ko ang kapayapaan sa aking kapwa at sa buong bansang Pilipinas.  Sa pagiging makabayan, matulungin at mapagmahal.


The Philippines has got a long way to go before achieving lasting PEACE and prosperity but I believe that we can start our very own revolution right inside our very homes.

Husbands love your wives,

wives love your husbands,

parents love your kids,

children love your parents,

brothers and sisters love one another.


This post was inspired by the #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 which dared to ask the question:  “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

Answer the question as well, write it on the comment field below and you might get a chance to win an Apple iPad Mini 2 when this blog post gets selected by GLOBE and NUFFNANG PH as a blogging project winner.  PEACE and Prosperity to all of us this 2014!



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