1545990_752423258120907_1689701177_nIn general, RHODORA X is a very tragic story!

I was able to view the first two episodes of the new GMA series in an exclusive preview held last January 22 (Wednesday).  The story of Rhodora X basically tackles the rare condition of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or formerly known as multiple or split personality disorder.  In a clinical sense, the new series explores on the possible causes, general symptoms, effects and available treatments.

However, RHODORA X will definitely not bore the audience with all the technical stuff – DID here is just the premise of the story. The series is really all about family, love, hope, vengeance, deception, forgiveness and redemption.

In fact, based on the first two episodes, RHODORA X is really a gripping family drama that Filipino viewers could easily grasp, the scenes are based on what is actually happening around us.  It also displays images of present dangers such as the near-taboo ‘illegal human organ trafficking’ in the Philippines.

Rhodora or Roxanne
Rhodora or Roxanne

According to the creative team for RHODORA X headed by RJ Nuevas, the idea for the series started with a provocative title – ‘Tatlo Ang Asawa Ko’ which was presented as a story about a wife with three (3) personalities.  

“The brainstorming team were initially fascinated with stories and films that discusses split personalities or multiple personalities.  That kind of  story has never been done before in Philippine television, however we found the initial concept too complicated and tweaked the plot and the result was RHODORA X.”  said RJ Nuevas

The first two episodes will show a perfect picture of family life and a tragedy that will forever scar their relationship.  I was quite relieved that the tragedy in Rhodora X, unlike most Pinoy TV drama series, is not related to marital infidelities which seems to be the default in almost all drama teleserye.  Actress Yasmien Kurdi (who plays the role of Angela in Rhodora X) is right in saying that the series has a very unique and different theme.  I agree, and it was really refreshing.  Tragic still, but refreshing.


The initial cast, Glydel Mercado (Lourdes), Gardo Versoza (Derrick), Anica Tindoy (young Rhodora), Kyle Ocampo (young Angela), Carl Acosta (young Joaquin), Rez Cortez and Ian De Leon are very effective actors and actresses.  They have all delivered a really believable performance.  I actually felt the intimacy in the relationship of Lourdes and Derrick in the story as well as the closeness of siblings Rhodora and Angela.  Which made it even more unbearable to see the events that happened to their family – a really heartbreaking moment.  To put it into first perspective, Rhodora X will give you first the most priceless and expensive jewel in the world as a gift and then after seeing you smile from ear-to-ear, crushed that jewel to nothingness right in front of your face.  My heart just stopped.  Curse you GMA creative team for doing that! (hehehe)

They’re all great, however I have to commend Anica Tindoy, the little girl who played the young Rhodora.  She’s really a great actress.  Seeing her inside that wooden cage crushed me and that scene where she would sing herself ‘Atin Ko Pung SingSing’ to sleep is such a tear-jerker.

I love the first two episode, I can’t wait  to see the rest of it!

Also, RHODORA X just like My Husband’s Lover is another new TV concept, but GMA Network is known to have pushed the boundaries of primetime story-telling a number of times and  have been successful in most of their risky ventures.  The Creative Team is hopeful that viewers will find the series a really worthwhile experience.  It is also notable that Glydel Mercado, who delivered a very powerful performance in the pilot of My Husband’s Lover have been one of the main hitch to the initial episodes of last year’s primetime hit, and she’s also here in Rhodora X – a good luck charm perhaps?

Here are the main cast of Rhodora X:

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The GMA Creative Team is composed of Creative Director RJ Nuevas; Creative Consultant Denoy Navarro-Punio; Headwriter Des Garbes-Severino; Writers Onay Sales, Ken De Leon, Jun Katanyag; and Brainstormers Rey Leoncito, Borj Danao and Dode Cruz.

Also present during the preview is Psychiatrist Dra. Babes Arcena, who shared her expertise with the GMA Creative Team and provided the orientation on DID to the whole cast.

Directed by ALBERT LANGITAN, Rhodora X pilots on GMA Primetime tonight (January 27).



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RHODORA X Presents a Tragically Heartbreaking Pilot Episode
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    Great review! I also watch Rhodora X every night!


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