CIMG5161JANINE GUTIERREZ is one of the prettiest faces in Philippine showbiz today!

The 24 year-old star of GMA Network’s remake of top-rating 90’s afternoon drama series VILLA QUINTANA admitted that she was really excited to get the part of Lynette Quintana – one of the lead character in the soap, opposite ELMO MAGALONA who is playing the part of Isagani Samonte.

I was able to meet JANINE last week over lunch at Greens Vegetarian Restaurant in Quezon City.  She was wearing an Asian-inspired casual dress and heels which made her slightly taller than everyone else – as if she’s not already a towering beauty already.

The first thing that came to mind after seeing her is that this young lady could easily qualify for Bb Pilipinas or any other Beauty Pageant.  Unfortunately, she was quick in saying that she doesn’t have any plans of joining any.

And what does JANINE really want?

Well, Janine said that prior to her being given the lead for VILLA QUINTANA, she was out of the regular TV acting scene for almost a year.  It was actually a wish come true for the young actress to be part of a soap opera remake – and not just any ordinary soap but an award-winning drama series.

JANINE also aspires to become just like her idol in the entertainment industry – LOVI POE.

“Idol ko talaga si Lovi Poe.  Isa siyang magaling na artista.  Award-winning ang mga performances at hindi lang siya pang-mainstream.  Kahit saan mo siya ilagay pasok siya.  She’s not just another pretty face.  I want to be a credible actress just like Lovi Poe.”  Janine explained.


During the course of our interview with the young actress, we learned quite a number of interesting facts about her, Villa Quintana and how all the elements of the show and its cast and characters are inter-connected from past to present.  I’m sure that I’ve lost you there somewhere in between the words ‘elements’ and ‘inter-connected’ but to keep you on the same page as my thoughts are here’s a bulleted list of VILLA QUINTANA Trivia straight from Janine Gutierrez herself:

  • The original Lynette Quintana was played by DONNA CRUZ.  We all noticed that Janine has some facial qualities similar to Donna but it’s unclear if that was one of the reasons why the producers of the remake chose her to play the part.  “Bagay sa ‘yo yung role,” was the only thing that they told her after announcing the great news.
  • Janine knows DONNA CRUZ even when she was still very little because the actress used to attend family gatherings and birthday parties with IAN DE LEON – Donna’s love-team partner that time and Janine’s uncle.
  • Talking about love-team partners, Janine also said that her mom LOT LOT DE LEON was first paired with the late Master Rapper FRANCIS MAGALONA during their That’s Entertainment days – they were both from German Moreno’s Monday group.  Janine right now is being paired with ELMO MAGALONA, the master-rapper’s son.  Talk about coincidences.
  • But did you know that ELMO and JANINE have already worked together in a show before?  Not as a pair though, but as siblings in last year’s GMA series  TOGETHER FOREVER with Elmo’s former love-team partner JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE.
  • Pressure is the name of the game for JANINE in VILLA QUINTANA, as she faces to match or outshine not only one but three (3) love teams: DONNA and KEEMPEE (The original Lynette and Isagani who took the original series to over 14 months of daily runs), ELMO and JULIE ANNE (who’s partnership still echoes loudly even if they’re not together anymore) and LOT LOT and RAMON CHRISTOPHER (well, they are her parents).


JANINE said that although VILLA QUINTANA is a remake, the new story is far from the original.

“It has the same theme but it is a fresh take on a topic na marami ang makaka-relate.  Sobrang ganda ng kwento.  You just can’t compare it to the original because it’s really different,”  Janine said.

And just like what she’s facing right now, the JANINE-ELMO pairing is indeed a fresh take on what the public has gotten to know.  But like what she said, it’s incomparable because theirs is really different.

“I just really want to work hard, pagbubutihan ko para mabigyan ko ng justice yung binigay na opportunity sa akin.  And I am very optimistic that people will give our pairing (Janine and Elmo) a chance.”

ELMO MAGALONA was supposed to join us also for lunch that day but he called in sick.

Here is JANINE GUTIERREZ inviting everyone to watch VILLA QUINTANA:

VILLA QUINTANA also stars RAYMART SANTIAGO (Felix Samonte), SUNSHINE DIZON (Lumen Digos), PAOLO CONTIS (Robert Quintana), MARICAR DE MESA (Stella Mendiola), ROY ALVAREZ (Don Manolo Quintana), MARKY LOPEZ (Chito Quintana), KYLA ALVAREZ (Ruby Quintana), TANYA GARCIA (Amparing Mangaron), JUANCHO TRIVINO (Jason Quintana), RITA DE GUZMAN (Patrice Quintana), FRANCINE GARCIA (Kadyo), MIKOY MORALES (Boknoy), MONA LOUISE REY (Young Lynette) and ASHLEY DE LEON (Young Isagani)

Directed by GINA ALAJAR for GMA Network.

with Janine Gutierrez after the interview
with Janine Gutierrez after the interview

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