BeFunky_509Scary_clown3.jpgEarly this month, I’ve made plans of checking-out some of the scariest places near urban mega-manila and feature the experience on my blog.  I have already scouted a couple of places but I got sick and everything was cancelled.

Given the situation, I just decided to conduct a quick informal survey here about other people’s paranormal experiences and then compensate my dear reader’s efforts by giving 5 sharers with simple tokens (gifts).

Here are the give-aways for the 5 winners:

1 GC from Buddha Bar Manila Worth 1,000

1 GC from Buddha Bar Manila Worth 1,000

1 complimentary salt n pepper chicken neck bundle from Max’s Restaurant plus Rejuvenating Facial GC from DermClinic

1 complimentary original chicken neck bundle from Max’s Restaurant plus a Facial with Diamond Peel GC from Skin Sanctuary

3 Privilege Passes (warts removal or facial or back massage) from BioEssence plus a 500 pesos off coupon from Brooks


Here’s the mechanics:

  • Please use the rafflecopter below and complete all the mandatory tasks to enter the give-away.
  • As indicated also in the rafflecopter, please share your most horrifying ghostly encounters or any scary and odd  stories that you have by commenting on this post a 1 – 3 paragraph summary.  The stories must be based on a true-to-life personal experience or as told by someone that you know.
  • Please don’t forget to include your name and email address on the comment field so I can contact you if you win.

This quick survey and the give-away will run until November 1st (three days only).  I will be featuring three (3) of the best stories on this survey in my new blog WRITTEN BY RAINDROPS.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing your awesome stories.

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*PS. give-away prizes are for pick-up Manila area.  Those outside Mega-Manila can join but before joining make-sure that you could at least send someone to pick-up the tokens in case you win.



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  1. Name: Belinda Ibañez
    Email: [email protected]

    This is the scariest story i can’t even forget up to now, it’s a personal experience of me. This happens 13 years ago and i can still recall it on my mind and maybe i cannot totally get out of it. Everytime i get to recall it, it really scares me. It happened year 2000 when we bought a house and have it renovated before we decided to live there. It is on it’s finishing touches when that horrifying incident happened to me, one time my husband and I decided to slept there after a long day and tiring day of cleaning the house and because it’s to late to travel back from Cavite to Patero, Metro Manila.
    So we slept there and it turned out to be okay but at around 2 a.m. i am half awake and about to go to the bathroom due to call of nature and i saw my husband sleeping and suddenly saw a black shadow of a woman who’s staring at me and she suddenly get up at my husband’s body unti unti syang umaalis sa katawan ng husband ko, i stare at it for a moment and wink my eye na baka pagmulat ko ulit wala naman pala. She doesn’t have a face pero korteng babae, long hair and like that. I closed my eyes and open it but she is still there and i thought it was just a dream and convince myself na pagod lang ako. But she’s still there it last for almost minutes, and when i realize na andun talaga sya i closed my eyes again, and prayed and prayed so hard, nanginginig ako sa takot at natulala for a moment. Later did i noticed and i don’t even know how she gets out or kung paano sya nawala basta pagmulat ko ulit wala na sya and immediately ginising ko asawa ko and told him about it sabi ko ayoko na tumira sa bahay na ito. Shucks! after magawa ang lahat hindi namin titirhan unbelievable.
    To make the story short pina-bless namin yong bahay pati asawa ko 🙂 And we have been living on the same house for 13 years now and i can say nothing unusual happened again ng nakatira na kami sa bahay na ito. Few years ago, i understand now kung ano yong dark shadow of a woman na yon but that was another story to tell. 🙂

    1. cool a real visible manifestation, thanks for sharing.. but I am really interested still to find out what’s the story behind that shadow you saw, curiouser and curiouser hehe 🙂

  2. The house I’ve lived in since I was born had this one specific room that is just scary. It was converted to different types of rooms. At first it was a bedroom. My first experience was when I was peeing… I was young and always left the door open. This was directly beside the room and I just heard psst. and looked behind me and nobody was there. Second was I used to like to sleep after school and the sofa bed was in that room. I was fast asleep and when I woke up, I saw all these black rocks around me and I couldn’t get up… it was as if someone was pinning me down. The last encounter was with me and my family. We had a Sto. Nino in that room. It would always have its scepter down on its feet even if we leave it in its hands at night. Because there was a saying that the Sto. Nino roams at night, my tita decided to tape its feet just to see what happens. We left the door open. When my tita went to see what had happened, the door was closed and locked. We had to break the door down. When we got inside, the tape was cut and the scepter was down on its feet again. At that point, we all just started praying.

  3. I happen to see a black dwarf under my sis-in-law’s hospital bed in Makati Medical Center room 714 last April 14, 2011 past midnight. I awaken from sleep, sensed something and I felt the urge to look at my feet. I was sleeping on the hospital room’s floor side-by-side the patients bed.

    The dwarf smiled at me and then slowly vanished into a thick black smoke.

      1. Its black figure looks exactly like the Dobby character (but with much pointed ears) in Harry Potter movie, about 1-1/2 feet tall. I didn’t believe that they do exist until that day I’ve seen one. It was really scary seeing the smirk in his face. My SIL died Sept 11 the same year.

  4. I was on duty in a modern hospital here in the city one night. I was waiting for the elevator door to open. I thought I was alone at that time. When the elevator doors opened, a male employee in white uniform suddenly overtook me and went inside. When I was about to follow in, the doors suddenly closed. Then right away, the doors opened again, so I thought the guy inside must have pressed the button to open the doors. When I looked in, the elevator was empty! I did not ride that elevator anymore that night, and for so many following duties after that night.

    When I told people about this ghostly experience, they told me I must have encountered the ghost male med tech who reportedly made his rounds among patients. Allegedly this med tech actually did blood extractions,ordered before the real med tech comes. This med tech was supposedly an actual employee who died in an outing for hospital staff before.

  5. Noong highschool pa ako ay nagkaroon kami ng overnight sa aming school. Ako at ang iba kong mga kaklase ay na-assign matulog sa pang-apat na palapag ng aming eskuwelahan. Ang overnight na iyon ay isang aktibidad para sa mga graduating na girl scout lamang kung kaya’t konti lamang kami. Nung unang gabi namin sa room kung saan kami matutulog ay marami sa amin ang hindi mapakali. Pero, noong pumito na ang aming girl scout adviser ay napilitan nang matulog ang karamihan sa amin. Ako at ang aking bestfriend ang naiwang gising kahit mag-aala-una na ng madaling araw. Parehas kasi kaming namamahay. Maya-maya’y sumigaw ang isa kong kaklase na nakaturo sa may bintana ng classroom na iyon. Nabulabog kaming lahat at natakot sa aming nakita.

    Nakakita kami ng isang batang lalaki (mga nasa lima hanggang pitong taong gulang na ito) na nakatungtong sa dungawan ng bintana. Di nagtagal ay tumalon na ito mula sa bintana. Nakakakilabot at nakakatakot masaksihan ang ganitong pangyayari. Kinabukasan, sinabi namin ito sa aming principal ngunit dahil kaunti lamang kami, ay hindi ito naniwala at inisip na gumagawa lamang kami ng kuwento. Pero para sa amin, totoo ang lahat ng aming nakita at hindi ito isang biro lamang.

    Pagkatapos ng insidenteng iyon ay may kumalat na balita sa campus. Base sa mga sabi-sabi, yung dating janitor ay may anak na lalaki na namatay mismo sa loob ng paaralan. Doon din nag-aaral ang bata. Napabalitang, madalas binubully ang batang iyon at isang araw ay nakita nalang itong duguan at nakasalampak sa sahig. Tinulak daw ito pababa ng hagdan. Iyon narin ang dahilan ng pagkamatay nito. Simula noon, madalas na raw magpakita ang bata na pagala-gala sa loob ng aming paaralan.