1238164_584661194925986_882656008_nMoonleaf Tea Shop is finally opening its newest branch in the south!


Since launching its first shop in Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village in 2010, this new hang out place has grown exponentially to 38 thriving branches all over the country.

Characteristic of every Moonleaf Tea Shop are the laid-back interiors, colorful community boards teeming with scribbles and ideas from customers, the crowds of hip students and young professionals who are either busy with their laptops or engaged in light conversations inside the shop, and of course, the distinct and delicious taste of freshly-brewed teas – with a modern, refreshing twist!

Moonleaf takes pride in being one of the first Filipino-owned brands to introduce and boost the modern lifestyle of drinking tea in the country. It boasts of a wide-range of freshly- brewed tea offerings that include traditional variants like Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Earl Grey Tea. Moonleaf also serves refreshing and milk-infused Wintermelon, Vanilla, and Caramel teas. For a refreshing burst of fruit flavors, Lychee Jasmine, Passion fruit and Lychee Aloe Vera teas are pleasantly available too!

Conceptualized and managed by its Chief Operating Officer, 27-year old entrepreneur Adrian Adriano, Moonleaf reflects the enthusiasm and youthful lifestyle of modern Filipinos.  After just a few visits, any customer would realize that the Moonleaf experience is all about engaging the Filipino community. It thrives on bringing people together to a place where they feel right at home while doing the things that they are passionate about.  Whether its sports, career, music or visual arts, Moonleaf seeks to support that pursuit and infuse relevance into the Filipino’s ever colorful lifestyle.

Check out Moonleaf’s branches in the Metro and grab a cup of these refreshing tea flavors. Visit  www.moonleafteashop.com for more info about Moonleaf Tea Shop.


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