1236329_668965299797547_2018726855_nThe cast of MUNDO MO’Y AKIN is suffering from a mild case of separation anxiety, this is according to GABBY EIGENMANN one of the lead star of the super extended GMA primetime teleserye.

But this has nothing to do with him being in a hospital wearing a leg cast and a lot of bruises.   But you know that already.

In an interview last week during their taping at the Urology Center of the Philippines, Gabby said that the show was suppose to run for only one season but got extended in June, July and then August.  Because of the show’s high ratings they are now almost on their 7th month run and down to its final weeks.  But the camaraderie and friendship built among the show’s cast is really remarkable.

“There’s never a dull moment on the set of Mundo Mo’y Akin – I enjoyed everyone’s company,”  Gabby said.

Gabby Eigenmann is playing the role of Ziggy in the series – the only son of Dona Charito (Jacklyn Jose)  and father of Darlene (Lauren Young) and husband of Giselle (Angelika Dela Cruz).

Gabby was relieved to play a Grey role this time and not a hard-core villain or ‘kontrabida.’  In fact, most of the characters in the series are also grey even the super attention grabbing Dona Charito.  Here’s a picture of Gabby Eigenmann with Jacklyn Jose on the set of Mundo Mo’y Akin.


This is the first time that Gabby got to work with young stars Alden Richards and Lauren Young.  When asked what are the things he’s going to miss about the project?  He said ‘the tsismisan’ and their escapades in Tagaytay with co-star Jolina Magdangal.

Gabby also considers it a challenge playing the role of a dad to both Lauren Young and Louise Delos Reyes.  He made sure to look more mature or older than he is right now to fit the bill so shaving is really out of the question for so many months already.

His first daddy role was in the series MUNTING HEREDERA with the then pre-teener JOYCE CHING playing as his daughter.  And speaking of Munting Heredera, Gabby said that the show served as a launching pad for other character acting projects like in Broken Bow and Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga.

But did you know that prior to accepting the project of Munting Heredera, Gabby was offered a 2 year acting project for a soap in Indonesia?  He declined because the project would require him to leave his family behind for a very long time.

Here are some other things that you’ll find very interesting about GABBY EIGENMANN:

  • Gabby is the son of actor Mark Gil to Irene Celebre, he belong to one of the most prominent showbiz clan in the Philippines which includes grandparents Rosemarie Gil and Eddie Mesa, Uncle Michael De Mesa and Aunt Cherie Gil, brother of Ira Eigenmann, cousin of AJ, Ryan and Geoff and half-brother of Sid, Maxene and Andi.
  • Gabby together with the rest of the younger members of the Gil-De Mesa Clan dream of doing a movie that will star all the Gil-De Mesa clan to carry the family traditions that their parents initiated way back in the 90’s with successful TV series like CEBU.
  • Gabby won his first award in 2002 as Most Promising Male Singer/Performer of the 32nd Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Awards and Best Performance by a New Male Recording Artist at the 15th Awit Awards.

Here is Gabby Eigenmann inviting everyone to watch the remaining episodes of MUNDO MO’Y AKIN

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