From the publisher of PARA SA HOPELESS ROMANTIC and FAN GIRL MEETS SUPERMAN comes another romance novel that will make you fall in love all over again.

THE K-POP STAR AND I by J.P. Adrian tells the story of Joy, the Personal Assistant of a charming but arrogant Korean celebrity who secretly came in the Philippines to fulfill a personal mission.

KPOPSTARandI Cover Final
Contrary to her sister and grandmother, Joy does not know anything about Korean pop culture. But because it’s her job to become the assistant of a very popular K-Pop star, she finds herself becoming a fan of this foreign sensation.

Despite the cultural differences and the fact that he’s a superstar and she’s just a humble P.A., the two ignite a chemistry that they’ve never imagine would happen even in their wildest dreams.

THE K-POP STAR AND I from Lifebooks, is now available in all branches of National Book Store and Powerbooks nationwide for only P128.00 per copy.

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