Last Saturday (August 17), Repertory Philippines opened ALICE IN WONDERLAND to the general viewing public at On Stage Theater in Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

I was one of the first people who got to see the new Alice In Wonderland production which started at exactly 10 in the morning.  Prior to last Saturday’s grand opening, I was also invited a few weeks back to the Press Preview of the new musical.  For more on that story go to my article A TEA PARTY WITH THE CAST AND CREW OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

1014218_661487823878628_166275235_nThe show last Saturday was FANTASTIC!

It was a play of colors, lights, dances and sound that will really keep kids and adults alike glued to the Two Act Musical from start to finish.  The whole cast was wonderful – I specially liked JOEL TRINIDAD who played the French Mouse, the Carpenter and the Madhatter in last Saturday’s show together with his tea party buddies JAMES STACEY (March Hare and Caterpillar) and CHINO VEGUILLAS (DoorMouse).  BITUIN ESCALENTE who also played a number of roles in the musical but is most noticeable as the Queen of Hearts stole the stage with her awesome vocal performances particularly in the song OFF WITH YOUR HEAD and became an instant crowd favorite.

Door Mouse, White Rabbit, Alice, Mock Turtle and Queen
Door Mouse, White Rabbit, Alice, Mock Turtle and Queen

Here’s a list of all the musical performances:


  • Opening
  • Down The Rabbit Hole
  • Fur and Whiskers
  • Doors and Table Scene
  • Curiouser
  • French Mouse Scene
  • How-Ja-Do
  • Follow Me
  • Here To There
  • Mary Ann
  • When I Become A Butterfly
  • Curiouser (reprise)
  • Speak Roughly
  • The Palace Music Hall
  • The Tweedle Brothers
  • The Walrus and the Carpenter
  • The Palace Music Hall (reprise)
  • Act One Finale
Act One Finale
Act One Finale


  • Curiouser (reprise)
  • I’m Mad, You’re Mad
  • I’m Mad, You’re Mad (reprise)
  • Time for Tea
  • I’m Mad, You’re Mad (reprise)
  • Oh What a Lovely Day
  • Hip-Hip Hooray
  • Off With Your Head
  • Oh What a Lovely Day (reprise)
  • Beautiful Soup
  • The Turtle Tango
  • Buzz Buzz/What a Shocking Day
  • Sit Down, Sit Down
  • Sit Down, Sit Down (reprise)
  • Off With You Head (reprise)
  • Act Two Finale

1185043_661485783878832_982646133_nI loved all the musical performances which is both interactive and very visually entertaining.  DANIELLA GANA who played Alice last Saturday has proven to be very effective in portraying the character.  Daniella is currently a 10th grader at the Chinese International School Manila and has performed  in several school productions prior to auditioning for the role of Alice in this much awaited Repertory Philippines production.

NACHO TAMBUNTING (White Rabbit), OLIVER USISON (Walrus, King of Hearts), NIC CAMPOS (Cheshire Cat, Mock Turtle), sisters BECCA and RACHEL COATES, EDWARD BRIONES, ERICA JACINTO and LIESL BATUCAN (Duchess) were outstanding as well as the rest of the cast from the Ribbons, Cards, Curtains, Oysters and Tears.

Kudos to Directors JOY VIRATA, BABY BARREDO and LIESL BATUCAN and the rest of the production crew.

What I really enjoyed the most in the production is the wonderful set and costume designs which are both Origami inspired.  Congratulations to GINO GONZALES (Set Designer) and RAVEN ONG (Costume Designer).

Here are some of the costume design concept cards of Raven Ong:

This is one musical production that you really shouldn’t miss!

Repertory Philippines is now accepting reservations for schools, civic groups and corporate sponsorships.

For show details, call tel. nos. 571-6926 and 571-4941; or Email: [email protected] or log on to: www.repertoryphilippines.com.  Tickets are also available through Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit www.ticketworld.com.ph.

Also , follow REPERTORY PHILIPPINES in these sites:

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ALICE IN WONDERLAND in theaters until December 15, 2013.

My Daughter Sky with Alice, White Rabbit and the Mock Turtle
My Daughter Sky with Alice, White Rabbit and the Mock Turtle
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