Before soya milk became a regular stock on shelves at 24/7 convenience stores, CHINITA was already selling SOYA MILK drink and their famous Chilled Taho to the people of Paco.   Their store  is located right at the corner of Paz and Quirino (OTIS area) a block away from Uniliver and  a healthy walking distance near our place.  I usually pass by this area during my morning jog or walk or crawl depending on whoever’s perspective.


Anyway, soya milk is one of my favorite drink because of the many wonderful nutritional benefits that you can get from it.


Soya Milk or Soy Milk is the by product of the Soy beans which has a lot uses like of course in making Soy Sauce, delicious ‘TAHO’ and the Tofu or Tokwa.  Soy is also widely used nowadays as a healthier alternative to the usual chips or ‘junkfood’ snacks in the supermarket.  Because Soy is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals there are a couple of health benefits that you can get from drinking Soya Milk.

  1. Promote Weight Loss – Soya Milk has lower sugar content than regular milk therefore it can be a non-fattening drink alternative to milk.
  2. The phytoestrogen found in Soya Milk may help in preventing various diseases and discomforts such as Prostate Cancer for men, Osteoporosis and post menopausal syndromes for women.
  3. Soya Milk contains both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which helps protect the blood vessels, lessens the bad cholesterol and prevent heart attack.

Of course, Soya Milk just like everything else should be taken in moderation and should complement a well-balanced diet to get the maximum benefits that it can provide our bodies.

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