This June and in celebration of Father’s Day, rainCHECK followed two of today’s hottest GMA Kapuso male celebrities – Alden Richards and Rocco Nacino – during their bonding moments with their non-celebrity Dads.

Last Tuesday (June 18), multi-awarded young actor ALDEN RICHARDS or Richard Faulkerson Jr. in real life scheduled a post Father’s Day bonding session with his dad, Richard Faulkerson Sr. at the Bowling Center of the SM City North EDSA Annex Building.1016053_631830023511075_1054155249_n


Aside from going to the Gym together and playing Badminton, Bowling is one the activities that the Faulkersons enjoy very much.  I watched both father and son played and saw that the two have great forms which is an indication that they really know the game.  ALDEN said that he got into Badminton and Bowling because of his dad.  His dad was the sporty type and that was one of the many things that he got from his dad.  ALDEN played as varsity in High School for the men’s singles Badminton team –  a sport very much dominated by our Chinoy brothers and sisters.


I also noticed that ALDEN is a southpaw.  Left-handed people are known for personality traits like independence and resiliency and you might want to know that both the current President and Vice-President of the United States of America are also left-handed.


Being left-handed may or may may not be significant to ALDEN’s successful career right now in showbiz, but one thing is clear, he’s definitely on the right track.  Aside from his current primetime show on GMA ‘Mundo Mo’y Akin‘ together with on-screen partner Louise Delos Reyes, the young Kapuso heartthrob has just released his album under Universal Records Philippines and will also star in the MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) 2013 entry 10,000 Hours together with iconic action star Robin Padilla.  The movie will be directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

All the stars are aligning just right this year in favor of the young Laguna based model-actor.  All his hard work are paying off.  That is why ALDEN really deserves this break and bonding session with his Dad.


1005714_631829906844420_916856135_nIf there’s one person that can be attributed to Alden’s professional work ethic and dedication – this is probably his dad.  RICHARD FAULKERSON SR. took sole responsibility of being the only parent in the family after her wife passed away.  He now stands as both mother and father for ALDEN and his siblings.  Mr. Faulkerson also characterized himself as the disciplinarian in the family.  He exerts authority and make the rules but he would never use physical punishment as a means to discipline his children.  When asked about how strict his dad was, Alden has this to say,

“When we were kids meron kaming curfew.  We can go out after lunch but make sure na nasa bahay ka na ng 3pm kasi naka-lock na ‘yung gate after three.  So there’s this time talaga na ‘yung mga kalaro namin naglalaro sila sa labas tapos nandun lang kami sa gate na magkakapatid, that’s how strict my dad is.   There were instances kasi na nasagasaan ako ng tricycle tapos nadidisgrasya o nakakagat ng aso,  yun yung pine-prevent kasi niya na mangyari sa amin lahat.”  ALDEN shared.


Aside from being sporty, ALDEN also describe his dad as a QUIET person.  Supportive and very quiet.

“Yun yung gusto ko kay dad, hindi siya matanong.  He’s just always there sa likod namin to support us.  Pinapabayaan niya ako sa mga showbiz decisions.  May freehand to explore it on my own.  Kapag mayroon akong mga bagay na di maintindihan, that’s the time that  I ask him.  Pero never siyang nakialam.  Kapag may mali lang sa ginawa, dun lang siya nag-rereact.  Kung saan kami masaya, he’s just always there to support us all the way.”  ALDEN said.

In one word, ALDEN described his dad as the ‘BEST!’   He also added that, his dad has always been there for him.

 “Lahat ng significant moment sa buhay ko ‘andun si Dad.  My dad is always there to support me.  Aabsent siya sa lahat ng appointments niya just to be there.”  ALDEN said.

Another thing that ALDEN wants to emulate from his dad is on how he handled his family as a father.  When the time comes that he too is with a family – he said that he will draw inspiration from what his dad did.

“Kahit ano man na dumating sa amin as a family, we should always stick together, no turning of backs.  Hindi kami pinabayaan ni dad kahit na napaka-dami ng mga challenges, at kahit minsan na madamot ang panahon para sa amin, pero we stood together.  Last resort was that we will always have each other.  Gusto ko madala yun pag-dating ng panahon na may sariling pamilya na ako.  Stand by your family always.” He said.



ALDEN said that probably his dad’s biggest influence on him is on how he manages his finances.  The young actor is indeed very sensible when it comes to handling his finances.  I can sense passion and real dedication in him when it comes to putting value for all his hard-earned but more importantly his heart was focused on his priorities which is Career, Family and above all, God.  Here are some of Alden’s basic tips on budgeting and finance:

  • My dad always say, that we should find the right things to spend our money on.  Kailangan tama yung mga bagay na pagkakagastusan.
  • He also said that we should save first before we spend.  That’s why right now, I make it a point that I save 20% of my salary and earnings while the rest goes to investments and other expenses (like school expenses for my sister and other family expenses)
  • I have an APP on my Ipad that helps me keep track of all my income and expenses.  I put in there everything from parking expenses to food to monitor if I am over-spending or under-spending.  It is always best to under-spend than over-spend.
  • For personal rewards, I occasionally spend money to buy myself a good watch or a gadget but never exceeding the 20,000 peso limit.   I bought a new SUV, but that is more of an investment actually than an expense.

ALDEN was a Business Administration student at DLSU Canlubang before going into showbiz.


On an Instagram post, Alden wrote, “We may have our differences but you’re still the best!”  referring to his dad who was with him during the FAMAS after party.  He then added this message for his dad during the interview last Tuesday:

“I am happy and proud of all the support that my family has given me.  I don’t complain, pero I’d like to say that I am always gonna be all out for the family, kahit wala na sa akin.  Rest assure (dad) that I’ll do my best in everything, I wont change and I will still be me.  I love you.”


Prior to that, his Dad gave him this message:

“Alden, in one word is a THOUGHTFUL kid.  It was never my choice for him to get into showbiz but I support him all the way.  I saw how good he was in THE ROAD, from Tween Roles now to more serious roles, dun ko nakita kung gaano siya kagaling.  My only advise to him, and I have been consistent with this reminder to him, is that he should always put both his feet on the ground.  Pagpatuloy mo lang lahat ng mga magaganda mong ginagawa, ang pagsuporta sa mga family and friends and always stay healthy.. I love you.”

It’s so refreshing to know that beyond the glitz, glamour and busy schedules of show business, some personalities like ALDEN RICHARDS still has the time and the good sense to make family as part of their priorities, not only in words but also in action.  Three things that stick to my mind after that interview – CAREER, FAMILY and GOD.

All the best for Alden Richards and his family!

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