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Team PNOY (12), Team UNA (9), Team Bangon Pilipinas (1), Team Kapatiran (3), Team Democratic (3), Team Makabayan (1), Team Social Justice Society (1) plus Three (3) Independent Candidates.  Whatever team you’re with, now you have a chance to make your choices count in a very refreshing way as 7-11 Philippines presents 7-Election, an unofficial but cool survey to find out what team is making waves and the candidates of choice of 7-11 patrons.  A sort of a popularity contest before the main event in May.

There are two ways to cast your votes:  Cup Voting and Candidate Voting.

Cup Voting lets you show your support to a political party that you believe in.  We recently visited the 7-11 Escoda (Site Building) branch located at the corner of Leon Guinto and Escoda Sts., Manila.  Although personally I have votes going out to candidates from different parties, the whole family is unanimous in getting the yellow cup which belongs to Team PNOY.  They got three (3) votes from us.   Gatorade Grape also got three votes from us as well.


As of press time and based on the leader board found on top of the store counter, Team PNOY is leading in the individual store rank and also in the over-all ranking.


Candidate Voting allows individuals to choose their 12 candidates for the senatorial race.  This is done online.  All you have to do is log on and register to www.7-election.com.ph or visit the 7-11 Philippines facebook page and click the 7-election App.

Here’s what the home page of the 7-election looks like:

7 Election0

After registering either via your twitter or your facebook account, you may now cast your vote and choose your top 12 from the list of senatorial candidates.  After saving your vote, you have the option to share your list of candidates on facebook and twitter.

7 Election1

You may also check your candidates’ standing percentage of votes and who’s leading the survey by clicking on VIEW RESULTS.

7 Election

You can also customize and filter the results from a specific store location or region.

7 Election2

Another great feature of the website is the GALLERY section which allows you to upload a photo promoting your favorite party’s cup.

7 Election3

So that’s it!  Voting made more fun through the 7-election campaign where every GULP counts.  Although this 7-11 campaign is more fun than the real election proceeding, don’t forget to vote still on May.  Remember to select your candidates wisely and vote for those you think has a more genuine desire to serve the Filipino people.  For now, let’s just enjoy summer and the refreshing GULP drinks at 7-11.  There’s always a 7-11 store near, wherever you are.


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