BeFunky_015.jpgFormer Bb. Pilipinas International KRISTA KLEINER is now a recording artist!

Winning the Best In Talent in the Miss International 2010 pageant held in China must have sparked some motivation which made Krista finally decide to pursue a career as a singer and a recording artist.  But before the event in China, Krista has gotten some wonderful goal-setting inspiration from internationally acclaimed singer Julio Iglesias when weeks after winning the Bb. Pilipinas International crown joined the famous singer in a show tour around the globe.  Krista also did not discount the wonderful mentoring from her former boyfriend and the Philippine’s prince of RNB – JayR.

During an intimate pocket interview held yesterday at Dayrit’s Tomas Morato, Krista Kleiner who now calls herself as KRISTA K, gave us a glimpse of what to expect in her debut album which is entitled FEELS SO GOOD.  The title was taken from his smashing first single release Feels So Good which came out as a hit on YouTube generating over 1.3 million views in just three weeks.

BeFunky_033.jpg“While on tour with Julio, I began writing when I was spending time on the plane travelling from country to country.  I was in a state of just absolute bliss feeling on top of the world, and I decided that I wanted to have a song that conveyed that.  After I competed at Miss International in China, I began working with producer Bojam to make a track that would fit this feeling.  Once we had the right track, I began writing the lyrics and melody trying to put into words the emotions the music made me feel.  It was the first song I ever wrote.”  shared KRISTA.

The music video for Feels So Good was shot in five (5) locations: Paris, London, Sydney, L.A. and Manila.


The unprecedented success of Feels So Good landed her a record deal just last week with Warner Music Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.  She was also asked to guest at the recent Malaysian Music Awards (AIM) and present the Recognition for Most International Achievement Award.

She will be launching her new album in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this coming April 30 together with AKON and Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo which she hopes to do a collaboration in the future.

Here in the Philippines, Krista K signed up a record deal with Universal Records Philippines.  The Philippine released album is slightly different from the album that will be released in Malaysia.  Aside from the 10 original english track, the Philippine release includes 3 tagalog bonus tracks and a remix of the carrier Feels So Good.BeFunky_088.jpg

Check out a video of Krista K inviting fans to get a copy of her album and sampling an a capella of the songs Feels So Good and Bading Ka Ba Baby on RAINtertainment.

Krista singlehandedly handled all the aspects of her recording career, from imaging, packaging, marketing and even the conceptualization and production of her music video.

Here the complete tracks:

  1. Feels So Good
  2. Put ’em Up
  3. Seize the Day
  4. Magnetic Attraction (with JayR)
  5. Let Ya Go
  6. Beauty Queen
  7. The Party Never Ends (with QYork)
  8. We Like the Sound/I’m Social (with KC Montero and Jimmy Muna)
  9. Take You Away
  10. Stay The Night
  11. Bading Ka Ba Baby
  12. La La Love
  13. Kekembot
  14. Feels So Good REMIX

Feels So Good is this generation’s first up-tempo pop dance album.  A big risk in the local market but after listening to the tracks, I believe that this one deserves an overwhelming audience.  If I am to rank my top three (3) favorites from the album I ‘d choose, Magnetic Attraction, Feels So Good, Put ’em Up.

After Feels So Good, Krista announced that the next single will be BADING KA BA BABY, which is another great song.  She also reveals that the music video for the song is already on its editing phase and will include funny man and host Sweet John Lapus.

Here’s my signatured copy of the album:


The Philippine Album launch of Feels So Good will happen on ASAP sometime in May after the Malaysia launch.  However, the album is already available in all leading record outlets.

Aside from promoting her new album and flying from Malaysia to Philippines almost every week, Krista is busy doing some hosting stints and is currently enjoying not being tied up to any TV stations.  She’s however open to movie offers, specially roles that involves a little bit of action since she’s also a taekwondo black-belter but never to sexy films.  Her focus remains to hosting and her music.

with Krista K
with Krista K



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