image1-229x300GFT or Golden Fry Tech is a newly designed, patent-pending oil saving plate.  Engineered and  manufactured in Japan, the completely food safe 100% titanium catalyst  plate has  been laboratory tested and proven to prolong the life of cooking oil  by to 50 – 200%.  Plus, it reduces cooking time and enhances the flavor of  fried foods while cutting oil  absorption by 50% – which means healthier fried  foods!

GFT is a safe oil preserving plate made of specially processed titanium at a leading manufacturer in Japan.  Its international patent pending technology allows the GFT plate to slow the oil degradation process, which has four main causes:

  1. Oxidation (contact with oxygen in the air)
  2. Heating that causes thermal polymerization (sticking of oil molecules)
  3. Hydrolysis caused by moisture in foods being fried (contact with water/moisture)
  4. Substances released by foods being fried

GFT prevents frying oil degradation by slowing oil oxidation, hydrolysis and thermal polymerization or “sticking” of the oil molecules.  This, in turn, minimizes rises in viscosity (thickness), smoking, odors, foaming and blackening. This more efficient, conditioned oil cooks foods faster at lower temperatures and reduces absorption into foods, resulting in a healthier, tastier fried food.


Place GFT plates in your fryer WHILE OIL IS STILL COOL. One plate is good for 35LBS to 50LBS Fryer.
Deep fry food. GFT allows foods to cook 34%quicker and at lower temperatures (recommended cooking temperature when using GFT is 170º C or 330º F).


Until summer of 2011, GFT plates have been used in small quantities in Japan, due to the limited quantities available for purchase.  LTH Corporation launched in August 2011 a mass production facilities for the GFT, which significantly reduced costs and increased the availability of product to customers worldwide.

“In this current age of ecology, it is necessary to greatly reduce our excessive use of oil. Moreover, because of today’s health consciousness, people are demanding quality in the fried foods they choose. Our Golden Fry Tech healthy ecological plate is drawing attention as a product that meets both of those needs. We have patented it internationally and is made with proprietary technology no one can imitate, so we expect it to make a strong impact on markets worldwide” said Koji Tomita of LTH Corporation


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