BATANG PERA HENYO 2012 Conference is an initiative of School Talk PH with the aim of increasing the young Filipino’s Financial Quotient through a series of informative talks from some of the countries best speakers and leading authorities in the field of financial planning and leadership.

According to a Citibank Financial Quotient Survey, the Philippines got one of the lowest score in Asia with 48.9 points.  This means that around 84% of Filipinos doesn’t have a viable financial plan or no financial plan at all.

Jenny Ignacio Magalong, Luis Magalong and Monica Poliquit of School Talk

School Talk aims to address the challenge of upgrading the financial quotient of Filipinos by starting it with the young through its programs like BATANG PERA HENYO and the BLUE CHIP Roadshow designed primarily to visit schools and conduct seminars and workshops to students.

School Talk have been working hand-in-hand with parents, teachers and schools since 2009 by supporting traditional and alternative school programs with non-conventional approaches, ad-hoc learning’s, and diverse modules inclined to the holistic development of every student, educator, and parent.

Luis Magalong
Monica Poliquit
Jenny Ignacio Magalong

BATANG PERA HENYO 2012 Conference will happen on the 17th of November at the Vista Center, Upper G/F Worldwide Corporate Center Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City (near EDSA Crossing) from 9AM – 5PM.

The conference aims to address the following topics:

  • Habits and Mindsets to Become a BATANG PERA HENYO

  • Equip Participants to Achieve Financial Peace

  • Nation Building and Leadership Values

  • Young Investors How? When? NOW!

  • Ok outlook! Practical BATANG PERA HENYO Ways!

Vista Center – the conference venue

To help them with this targets are the following experts and speakers:

  • USEC LEON FLORES III, Chairman and CEO of the National Youth Commission

  • MIRIAM QUIAMBAO, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Actress

  • EFREN CRUZ, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Personal Finance Advisers Phils Corp.

  • BORIS JOAQUIN, Board of Director of HOPE Foundation and Motivational Speaker of SALT and LIGHT

  • DENNIS SY, Speaker, Life-Coach and Blogger of actlikeaman.org

  • MARTIN, ENRIQUE and ANTON FAUSTO,  Certified young investors and public speakers on finance

Motivational Speaker BORIS JOAQUIN giving the media a peek on what to expect during the conference

For registration and other queries about the BATANG PERA HENYO 2012 conference call (02) 267-5635  / (0927) 963-1376 / (0932) 85S-TALK (7-8255)  or email [email protected] / [email protected]

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    1. hahaha! I think you’ll be a bit disappointed Ms. Daryll about lunch.. cause I’m not going hehe – I’m staying with my 8 year old -she’s not old enough to attend the conference. 🙂 Only my wife and 13 year old son will attend the conference. 🙂

  1. Encouraging kids to save is one way of teaching them to be responsible as they learn the value of sacrificing for a better goals. Talks like this are really helpful in improving financial literacy.

  2. youth are so lucky these days to have access on such financial education! I wish I attended one on my days. then maybe i won’t feel so pauper now. I hope parents and educators will continue to encourage young people to attend such programs/trainings

  3. How young are the target children? This kind of activity is very important for children to know. I never had this exposure when I was young, so any talk of finance or business does not interest me up to now.

  4. I wish I could attend this seminar but i just can’t. I don’t know much about handling finances (because I’m not that blessed in that department yet), but I believe that the youth must know how to spend money wisely and these type of seminars will make a good step.