I am a Disney kid!

I have loved Disney since I can remember.  From the mickey mouse cartoons to the classic TV shows to the awesome big screen and on video movies.  There’s definitely a Disney movie for each one of us – a Disney story that moved us to tears and laughter.  Stories that sparks the imagination and pushes even a little kid to dream and dream big.  To pursue and to persevere.  To follow that star.

This year, ARANETA CENTER brings to the stage DISNEY ON ICE – PRINCESS AND HEROES.  I will bring my kids to this show because I heard from people who have already witnessed their pass productions that they bring a different kind of magic on stage.  They said that it’s cool to see Disney characters comes to life in amazing production numbers.

Snow White
Tinker Bell

Here’s a cool promotional invitation coming from Araneta Center for the Disney On Ice show happening this December:

Araneta Center

invites you to the grandest spectacle on ice this Christmas with

Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes!

 Enter a world of wonder where heroes and hearts prevail…

 Join Ariel as she yearns to explore the world above the waves

and Prince Eric breaks Ursula’s slithering spell to reclaim his one true love.

 See Prince Philip defeat the evil Maleficent as she transforms herself into a fire-breathing dragon

in a race against time to rescue Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora.

Be there to discover a whole new world with Jasmine and Aladdin.

And, watch in awe as the dreams of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Tiana all come true.

High flying jumps, daring acrobatics, breathtaking skating

and lovable Disney friends are just a wish away!

There’s even a special appearance by Disney’s newest princess, Rapunzel.

See Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes

from December 25 to January 3

at the Smart Araneta Coliseum!

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