Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), the theater company who brought the three most talked about, all-original, longest-running, and the undisputed highly-successful productions of ‘Ako si Ninoy’, ‘Enzo… Santo’, and ‘Cory ng EDSA’—will be mounting its latest opus—Joe: A Filipino Rockssical.
PSF’s latest offering this season is something that will rock the understanding of every Filipino about the country’s national hero—Gat. Dr. Jose Rizal.  Witness how a personal struggle can be reflective of a national inspiration like Rizal.

Joe: A Filipino Rock’sical is written and directed by Atty. Vince Tañada, with music by Pipo Cifra, and choreography by John San Antonio.

Joining him in the cast is PSF homegrown talented artists, who also made names for themselves in the paths they chose to follow.  The main leads are: Patrick Libao, Monique Azerreda, Kevin Posadas, Jordan Ladra, Cindy Liper, Kierwin Larena, Adelle Ibarrientos-Lim, Chris Lim, Chin Ortega, JM Encinas, Cherry Anne Bagtas, and Gabby Bautista.

Philippine Stagers Foundation is a recipient of several awards apart from being a four-time Aliw Awardee, it has earned the BroadwayWorld.com Philippines award in 2011, Presidential Award for Ten Accomplished Youth Organization of the Philippines in 2010, and Presidential Award on Dangal ng Bansa in 2010.

It is the only theater company in the country that has been viewed as the ‘David’ in Philippine Theater, but with its humble beginnings and its accomplishments as a young group of passionate artists; aiming to provide education through entertainment in their productions are enough proof that PSF is no small-time in its engagements.

Show dates and other details to follow.

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