This is the newly renovated Dunkin Donut branch in front of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). 

I guess that this is one of the busiest establishment here in the area of Pedro Gil and Taft Avenue second only to the drugstores and convenience stores.

Donuts are considered as one of the universal ‘pasalubong’ especially for those visiting their sick loved ones in the hospital.  Dunkin Donuts is one of the cheapest brand, you can get a dozen of assorted regular donuts for only 160 pesos.  A regular donut costs 15 pesos, so technically when you order a dozen you get 20 pesos off on your total purchase.

I grew up with only dunkin donut and mister donut hugging the playing field of sweet round dough snacks.  I remember dunkin donuts making the better tasting donut and mister donut’s brewed coffee as heaven sent especially during those late college after-class gimmicks and barkada drinking sprees.  However, other players have emerged taking the high-end market like Kripy Kreme and J.Co Donuts.  Other early players are adapting like Gonuts Donuts with their Buy 6 Take 6 promo.  While our dinosaur friends who are like an institution already here in the Philippines have became content with their share of the market in the low-end bracket by maintaining a price that I would like to call as “pang Masa.”

The quality, taste and variants of course is very different from the high-end donut shops but they are still the most popular when you base it on volume of orders per day especially the dunkin donut shop in PGH.

I went there last week to purchase a dozen donuts as “pasalubong” for the kids.  I got interested with the cafe mocha frio that they are now offering in the store and ordered a large cup for 110 pesos.

Not so thrilled with the taste, it’s very ordinary and the presentation is, well just so-so.  Honestly, I really did not enjoy this drink and it’s too pricey if we base it on the taste and quality.  Their ice coffee tastes much better and that’s less than 50 pesos.

My piece of constructive criticism, coffee is just not your thing.. please stick to the donuts. 🙂

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RainCHECKS: Dunkin Donuts in PGH, Taft Avenue
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