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Jessica VS. Philip: And Your American Idol is…

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It’s really quite inevitable actually to see Jessica Sanchez in the finals.  After that stunt the judges did to save her when she received the lowest vote – America knows that this young girl would make it to the finals.

That event woke up a lot of sleeping fans especially when Randy said “Vote for the best America!”   Because in the back of their minds, America knows that Jessica simply owns the best vocal quality the show has ever had.

I was expecting a Joshua and Jessica duel in the finals because that would be a real death match in my opinion, but I guess Joshua fans did not deliver.

Now the finals would not only be a battle of votes nor vocal quality – and I think Jessica knows this.  After being repeatedly told by the judges to step up her game and get the attention of the audience.  Like I said in one of my twitter post, “Jessica will not win this contest by voice alone..”

I think with the past episodes, Jessica really tried her best to step out of her comfort zone and really make an effort to give American Idol some stand-out performances.

It is also quite unfair for people to think that the news about Philip Philips having some kind of health problem is a way for him to get some sympathy votes.  The man is really full of talent and charisma.  He’s got every right to be there on the Idol stage during the finals as much as Joshua and Jessica.  He’s a true musician, not just a singer, a musician – an artist.  And that’s what I admire about him.  His songs are really his own.

I can’t say who’ll win.  I’m not vouching for anyone.  If I have to choose – I’d choose Jessica, Joshua and Philips to share the Idol crown this year because they each have a piece of something that an American Idol should possess.  Philip’s artistry and originality, Joshua’s impeccable and engaging stage performances, and Jessica’s powerful voice.

I guess it is up to America now.  Let me just say, that this is the best American Idol Season yet! :)

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