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1. the quality or state of having existence; conscious existence
2. the qualities that constitute an existent thing : essence; especially : personality

What does it mean to be? How can one be certain that one is being? How does it feel to be?

The idea of being, albeit a general and slightly ambiguous one, can be expressive of the all-too-human puzzle of being human, of being a self, its essence – the need for introspection, for measuring oneself according to how one believes he is to be measured. We are all ephemeral, strange beings never to be fully understood; forever driven by the desire to understand, to introspect.

How can one determine your true identity and personality? Is vanity a glorification of identity or its own tragic renunciation? Is abandonment always a bad thing – and can one abandon oneself?  How does one measure oneself up to the standards of morality?  These are the problems which a group of artists try to answer through visual means in a special on-going exhibit at the Sining Kamalig in Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City.

The exhibition is called BEING.

Six artists collaborated in this exhibition namely: Raymond Jorge Briones, Lesley-Anne Cao, Jonathan Joven, Sang Eun Lee, Adrian Emmanuel Mariñas and Frederick Precillas.  They are all third year students of the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Fine Arts.  All are under the Studio Arts Department and all are Painting majors except for the Korean, Ms. Lee who is taking Sculpture.

Here is a look at their awesome exhibition:

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