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I remember Mang Inasal being featured in a TV show (I forgot what show) way back in the mid 2000 as the first all pinoy barbecue fast food restaurant that carries the south’s famous Chicken Inasal Recipe.

Mang Inasal has grown in exponential rate since then.  I was even surprised when Jollibee bought the majority shares of the store in the late 2010.  Well, I was not really that surprised because that was the current trend then in business, and Mang Inasal is doing very well for an entry level fast food chain.  Fast food giants would be stupid not to notice this.  And so the inevitable happened, and Mang Inasal has grown into an ultimate franchise.

Their newest store is the one inside SM CITY SAN LAZARO.  It was the second store for franchise owner ‘Mr. Paolo’ with their first one at Vertex One also in San Lazaro, Manila.  Mr. Paolo is also looking at a possible third Mang Inasal franchise at SaveMore Nagtahan.

Together with friends, we visited Mang Inasal SM City San Lazaro during a 3-day sale and was really surprised at the number of people flocking inside the store.  To my book, this is really awesome because the store is located at the far end of the mall in front of the Bingo Area and isn’t really that visible to shoppers.

But hey, you can’t hide a good tasting meal to people anyway.  If they love Mang Inasal they’ll surely come and look for it even if it’s nowhere in sight.  Here are some of the food that I’ve tasted:

Mr. Paolo was a really hands-on kind of owner, he even dressed himself as one of the fast food crew and serve food to customers like he was an ordinary lobby person.  Now that’s hands-on.  Of course, he would not do this everyday, but if he had his way, he said, that he would really love to spend time inside the store and mingle with his crew and his customers as often as possible.

Here are some of the pictures of our visit:

Mr. Paolo, his volunteer friend Sophia and two crew from Virlanie Foundation

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