A food court is a an indoor dining area usually found in shopping malls or airports that contains different kinds of food vendors that usually serves fast food items for self-serve dining.

The first successfully established shopping mall food court was opened in 1974 at the Paramus Park Mall in New Jersey, USA.  Currently, the largest food court in the world is the Tivoli Dome in Cairo, Egypt.

In the Philippines, food courts are synonymous to shopping malls.  Even small ‘tiange’ spaces that wouldn’t pass for a shopping center have basement food courts.  Filipinos love to eat, they love dining-out more than shopping.  They would spend the whole day inside a mall window-shopping but cap the day with a visit to their favorite fast food restaurant or at a food court.

Some food courts even have stages for live band performances like the one at the New Farmers Plaza in Cubao and that small food court besides the recently ravaged by fire Ever Gotesco Grand Central Mall in Munomento.

Last April 14 (Saturday), together with 4 friends and while checking out the 3-Day Sale of SM San Lazaro, we went on an over-loaded food trip at the SM San Lazaro Food Court as we checked out some of the best selling dishes of four of their longest-running food vendors: Lydia’s Lechon, Inihaw Express, Oriental Bowl and Seafood Grill.

Of the the four food stalls, Lydia’s Lechon is the one that originated from a major restaurant and ventured out into a full quick-service fast food that can be found in almost all SM branches.  The first-ever Lydia’s lechon restaurant is located besides the redemptorist (baclaran) church along Roxas Boulevard.

Lydia’s Lechon’s best sellers are of course their famous lechon and tasty pakbet.


Lydia’s Lechon have a promo right now.  Read it here:

At Inihaw Express you have the option of selecting two viands to go with your rice.  Their best sellers are their pork Bar-Be-Cue and Sisig.

A lot of people may not know this but Oriental Bowl and Seafood Grill are sister stalls, which means it is owned by the same company.  Oriental Bowl’s best selling dishes are their fried rice (java rice with toppings), Sweet and Sour Pork, Pata Tim and their Chinese Lumpia.

Seafood Grill delivers with their awesome tasting super spicy Sisig. 🙂

Four super-awesome food stalls and some really super sulit-tipid meals that are really light on the budget but heavy on the belly.  You’ll find all four food shops in almost all the SM Food Courts.

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