There are two things I’ve realized last week.

First, i’ve just learned that there is already a resort hotel at the Manila Ocean Park.  It has been I think almost 5 years since I last visited the park and a lot has change.

Hotel H2O is the first aquarium-themed integrated resort hotel in the Philippines.  It is a member of the WorldHotels, the largest and most established  Europe-based global hotel group for independent hotels and regional hotel brands.  There are 128 rooms with 19 suites and an elegant restaurant called makan Makan Asian Food Village that serves southeast asian cuisines.

Hotel room packages starts at PhP 5,600.00 complete with a buffet breakfast at Makan Makan Asian Food Village and free Oceanarium tickets for two at the Manila Ocean Park.

Second, i’ve also learned that inside Hotel H2O is a one-of-a-kind spa called ZENYU ECO SPA that offers the only NEGATIVE ION HOT BED TREATMENT in the country making Hotel H2O the ONLY negative Ion Hotel in the whole world.

Zenyu means complete healing in Japanese.  Aside from pampering and relaxation, this unique spa also offers a healing component through its negative ion treatments.  The whole place is built on negative ions literally, from the walls to the drinks.

What’s with all the fuzz about about NEGATIVE IONS?

All substances are made of ions and negative ions are atoms that have gained electrons from other atoms and those that have lost electrons are called positive ions.  Negative ions are normally found near waterfalls, forests, hot springs and other places where you totally feel relaxed and rested.  Positive ions are those that are abundant in busy streets, stagnant areas and usually emitted by many electrical appliances.

Negative ions are free-air molecules that help stabilize the effects of free radicals (those that speeds up aging and causes diseases) and positive ions.

Positive ions are associated with decay, fluorescent lights, pests, sickness and aging.

While negative ions are associated with rejuvenation, regeneration, wellness and healing places such as Zenyu Eco Spa.

Together with friends, I started my negative ion experience at Zenyu Eco Spa with a relaxing Swedish Massage (PhP700).  Zenyu Eco Spa offers other massage treatments like shiatsu, combination and deep tissue.  I really needed that massage and the therapist told me that I will need more massage sessions to really loosen up all the tension on my back.

After that we went to the lobby to take a look at some of the EcoParadise Japan products that Zenyu Eco Spa is advocating.

What is EcoPARADISE?

EcoParadise Japan is Zenyu Eco Spa’s partner and the principle behind the spa’s negative ion treatment procedures and healing methods.

EcoParadise recognizes the power of nature with studies on negative ions and with it they have formulated a deoxidizing solution that combines plastic, paint, wax, bricks, tiles and other building materials.  These infused substances mimic the bounty of nature and produce negative ions.

As cities are developed, a concrete jungle displaces the symbiotic relationship of soil and air, causing more positive ions and free radicals to proliferate.  Positive ions can mutate and wreak havoc in our immune system allowing bacteria and viruses to affect us.  Free radicals are the major causes of degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

The deoxidizing solution promotes the production of negative ions from these infused materials.

Here are some of the EcoParadise products available at Zenyu Eco Spa:

EcoParadise multi-purpose pails and containers
EcoParadise Plastic Bags
EcoParadise fabric accessories like bed pads, mattresses, elbow pads, supporters and socks

..and the multi-purpose Pirikare Soap

We also got to see a demonstration on how negative ions work on things, check this out!

These cheese still looks good considering that it was left out in the open for months already.
Inside these plastic bottles are nails, on the right the nails are soaked in ordinary water while the one on the left (clear) was soaked in water with pirikare.

After the demonstrations, we also got to check out how our capillaries and blood flow are doing with Zenyu Eco Spa’s capillariscope.  The amazing thing is, you can visually see an immediate improvement on blood flow after placing a fiber infused with negative ion deoxidizing solution on top of the hand that is being scanned.

We then went back to our locker areas and had ourselves some nice conversation while dipping at the fish spa jacuzzi area (PhP300).  The whole tub is filled with doctor fishies that helps clear your body of dead skin cells.

Then we proceeded to the Negative Ion Hot Bed Treatment room (PhP400) which is the most relaxing experience that I have ever had in my whole life.  It’s like a huge hot oven full of negative ions.  You get to lie down with your back flat on a hot floor.  I can feel all the tension and stress flow out of my body along with a lot of sweat.  Now that’s what I call a rejuvenation!

What are the benefits of a regular negative ion hot bed treatment?

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Improves Blood Pressure
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Reduces Cholesterol and Body Toxins
  • Relieves Allergies, Cold and Constipation

This is one negative experience that I would really enjoy having anytime.  Special thanks to Zenyu Eco Spa Manager Dr. Eric Tan and Ms. Ia Lim for the treat. 🙂

Dr. Eric Tan

Here are the Zenyu Eco Spa treatment packages that you will surely love to experience:

Zenyu Oasis Package (PhP 1,100.00)

60 minute massage + hot bed + fish spa

Zenyu Happy Feet (PhP1,500.00)

foot spa + manicure + pedicure

Ultimate Whitening Package (PhP2,800.00)

whitening + ageloc facial + body scrub

YinYang Package (PhP1,400.00)

90 minute massage treatment with special herbs

Zenyu ecospa is found at the 3 rd floor of Manila Ocean park complex.

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  1. This is such a great post about ecoparadise products. Amazing comparison between positive and negative ions. I will use the information in this blog when I want to explain what negative ions can do for us.

  2. Hmm interesting. I have already heard about the benefits of the “negative ion” treatment/products. But that looks interesting! Also can’t get over the “Fish Doctor Spa”.. hehe.