A conference for the movie CORAZON: ANG UNANG ASWANG was held at the Baang Coffee Shop in Tomas Morato Quezon City with Director Richard Somes, Director Enrico Santos and the film’s lead female actress Erich Gonzales.

That was a day before the official theater opening.  And here are some of their insights about the movie:

“I initially wanted a 40 year old independent actress for the film but we ended up with more than what I could hope for, we ended up with Erich Gonzales.   Derek Ramsay was perfect for the film, he is the epitome of what we are looking for the character of ‘Daniel’ – classic pinoy-mistiso, strong and noble.   Erich was 19 when we started shooting the film but she was perfect for the role.” – Direk Richard Somes

“Preparations for the role?  A lot of prayer, the make-up also and the environment helped me adjust to the role of Corazon.” – Erich Gonzales

“One of the scenes that you should watch out for in the film was the child birth scene of Erich, It was the best child birth scene I’ve ever seen and to think that it was portrayed by an actress who has never given birth before is really amazing.  It was Erich’s strongest scene in the film.” – Direk Richard Somes

“There was no creative differences – hindi natagalan ipalabas dahil pinakialaman ng Star Cinema ang film – film-making is organic, we did a 2 day re-shoot to add some scenes and change some dialogues because we saw that certain scenes can be improved more.  That was just it.” – Direk Richard Somes

“You should watch the film in digital it has a certain magic on it than with an ordinary format.” – Direk Enrico Santos

“This is a different kind of horror story, this is not the kind that you will laugh about after watching the movie, Erich and Derek will haunt your dreams long after watching the film.” – Direk Enrico Santos

“Erich is the female Johnny Depp of the Philippines – she’s so versatile she can portray any role that’s given to her.” – Direk Richard Somes

“We have a limited budget and we decided to build the world of Corazon to lessen the hassles of location shooting.  It is a period film and the setting was in 1946 the period immediately after the Japanese occupation where landlords rules the small town provinces and the people are very superstitious and rumor mongering is rampant.  This is where we based the world of Corazon.” – Direk Richard Somes

“If this film was timed on an awards month, Erch and Derek will surely win the favor of award giving bodies.” – Direk Richard Somes

“This is no ordinary horror film, no CGI effect or the ordinary ‘gulat’ effect – the horror presented here is embedded in the character itself.  The conflict inside a damned spirit.  You’ll see Erich here transformed from a beautiful person gradually turning into someone far from her original self .  There is no blood and gore but you will have fear.  It’s like the film Jaws, you know that the danger is already there and that is where the real horror is.” – Direk Richard Somes

When asked if Erich will be able to steal the crown from Kris Aquino as a new Horror Queen with this movie – “Erich will not steal any crowns, she will make one for herself.” – Direk Enrico Santos

CORAZON: Ang Unang Aswang is a period film that tells about a love story and a tragic and horrific event that started the myth of Aswang.

Written and Directed by Richard Somes

Produced by Star Cinema and Skylight Films

Starring: Erich Gonzales, Derek Ramsay, Mark Gil, Epy Quizon, Mon Confiado, Tetchie Agbayani

Rated as R13 by MTRCB and GRADED B by Cinema Evaluation Board.

Richard Somes and Erich Gonzales Shared Their Views on The Movie CORAZON: ANG UNANG ASWANG
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