If there’s one snack that our family would love to munch away during movie time is a freshly popped pop corn!  And thank God for kettle corn, we can now watch home movies with freshly popped and healthy pop corns because it’s now available almost anywhere.

Holy Kettle Corn!.. Batman, these flavors are so delicious!  🙂  I’ve tasted the Cheese, Sour Cream and the Smokin’ Barbecue flavor – my favorite is cheese.  However, I think everyone should try their freshly popped NO BUTTER, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, NO MSG pop corn!


A healthier alternative snack is what Holy Kettle Corn! offers the market.  Although popcorn, especially in the Philippines, is largely associated with theaters or watching movies, Holy Kettle Corn! is hand-popped and specially prepared using authentic kettle corn recipe but catered to the Filipino taste.  Thus, it elevates popcorn to an
everyday-everytime snack food.

While the popcorn expands in size and flavor, Holy Kettle Corn’s patrons don t have to worry about the number of sit-ups they have to do after a binge.  Holy Kettle Corn! uses raw corn kernels imported from the United States.   It is highly recommended for people who are on a diet program, as it contains no preservatives, water, cholesterol, MSG, or butter. While it is high in fiber, its natural sweet-salty taste is not owed to harmful artificial flavoring.  Because it contains less, Holy Kettle Corn! offers more to the snack-eating public.  And unlike popcorn that is readily available in the market, Holy Kettle Corn! gives more popcorn as it goes through a sifting process that gets rid of the annoying unpopped kernels that usually settle at the bottom of the popcorn bag or tumbler.

The Company Behind HOLY KETTLE CORN

BLUE KETTLE CORPORATION: Popping In The Market Entrepreneurs Derrick Chiongbian and Aris Alipon first thought of the Holy Kettle Corn! concept in May 2004.  The brand was built on the premise to offer the market an alternative anytime-anywhere healthier snack food that deviates from the instant popcorn (or the microwave variety) available in the supermarkets, or popcorn at the cinemas.

Even the products packaging was given equal importance in the conceptualization process.  To seal in the popcorn’s freshness, the paper bags used are lined with plastic inside.  This kind of paper bag, guaranteeing a shelf life of 3 days, has to be imported from abroad as it is not being produced in the country today.

Blue Kettle Corporation, the company, thus gave birth to Holy Kettle Corn!, that soon popped its way into the consumer consciousness through the company s first outlet opened on July 16, 2004 at the Alabang Town  The outlet was a humble 3-square-meter cart, introducing the sweet-salty kettle corn.  For the mall-going public that looks for more in a snack food, Holy Kettle Corn! became an instant hit, catering to all market segments.

For a snack food that costs P35 (small bag size) and P40 (foil-packed flavored pop corns)  Holy Kettle Corn! appealed to a wide cross-section of the local market from mall security guards, to students, to professionals and business people.

Two weeks after the opening of the Alabang outlet, the company began negotiating for its second branch. And in less than 3 months, it was opened right across the University of Asia and the Pacific campus.  The company targeted to open its third outlet only a year after.  But as operations went on a full swing, the company grew from a 3-member staff (that already includes both Chiongbian and Alipon) to a solid organization of over 50 employees, maintaining 11 branches, including its first franchise outlet in Banilad Town Center in Cebu city.

Holy Kettle Corn! s franchise scheme was developed over a period of 6 months, and launched its franchising program on July 1, 2005.  With this, the company hopes to open more branches, targeting to add at least 2 or 3 outlets/stores a month.

Having tested and tried its marketability in Metro Manila and other parts of the country, Holy Kettle Corn! plans to go international soon.

Flavored Holy Kettle Corn in foil pack is also available at all 7-11 store outlets!

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  1. I always love this one while watching a movie and I have tons of movie to watch every flavor of this give me a pleasure of a life time… Delicious and affordable my family always purchases this online at goods.ph we order bulks for our incredible family bonding…