“No matter what your age is, you can achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle! Developing healthy eating and drinking habits early will make maintaining this kind of lifestyle easy.”  – Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola

19 years old Jessy Mendiola or Jessy Mendiola Tawile is the newest celebrity endorser of BubbaTealicious.  She belongs to ABS CBN’s Star Magic Batch 15 along with Megan Young and Carlo Guevarra.  She’s known to have appeared in a number of shows and series but her biggest break came in the 2010 -2011 playing as the lead role for ABS CBN’s afternoon TV show “Sabel.”

Jessy is currently playing as Jackie Marasigan in the hit TV series “Budoy” with Gerald Anderson.

A perfect inspiration for today’s youth, the actress is one of the few teens that can juggle life’s demands while having fun at the same time.  A healthy and balanced lifestyle gives her the ability to manage the different areas of her life.  May it be school, work, family, or personal leisure, Jessy knows that it’s all about prioritizing and health is something that is important to her.  A big part of Jessy’s healthy lifestyle is exercise and drinking tea.

This characteristics made her the ideal candidate to become the newest product endorser of BubbaTealicious.


BubbaTealicious brings the perfect blend of brewed tea and a wide variety of ingredients to give a refreshing drink that will satisfy taste buds.  Preserving the traditional way of Chinese tea brewing method with the modern mix of fruit concoctions, milk, fresh fruits, chewy tapioca, and taro.  Young people can now enjoy the benefits of tea without losing the flavor they want!

BubbaTealicious provides a good way to get young people to begin developing healthy habits.  By adding Bubbatealicious to their diet, they can experience the benefits of tea with twice the fun!

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