One of the places that my family and I visit a lot is Robinsons Place Ermita (Manila).

I have a lot of fond memories in this place.  Before it was the huge 7 level mall with ‘wings’  that it is right now, it was just a medium-sized shopping and food center called Robinsons Ermita.  This is where we used to hang out and watched movies in my college years.  And then it was renovated into a giant and elegant mall in the mid-90’s and then in 2000 the Faura wing was added and by 2008 the Midtown wing was finished, making Robinsons Place Ermita bigger than Robinsons Galeria in Ortigas.

I have a lot of pictures taken inside this place but I’d like to share only our last visit to the place which was just hours ago. 🙂

We’re just two short Jeepney rides away from the place so if we ever felt like having dinner outside this is the most ideal and  most economical place (in terms of transportation) to find a place to eat.

So we went there and ate our dinner at Sbarro – my kids love the food here plus I have a Festa Italiana GC courtesy of the good people from Sbarro – so our dinner is absolutely free of charge.  🙂


Our visit this afternoon was different, because the kids didn’t played at Time Zone which is located at the top level of the Midtown Wing – but instead tried out two things that we usually see in the place but never actually bother to check because we’re just not interested.

So just for the heck of it, Tam and the kids got on this coin-operated Massage Chairs located near Toy Kingdom.  We paid 10 pesos for a 3 minute massage.


And then, we also had our picture drawn in this machine inside Tom’s World called ‘Portrait Maker’ which costs 6 tokens or 30 Pesos (5.00 per token).  Here’s the souvenir photo:

All-in-all, our dinner date at Robinsons costs us only 60 pesos plus the Jeepney fares.  We also bought a dozen dunkin donuts to take home.  All-in-all we spent about 250 pesos – which is 70 -80% cheaper than what our normal dinner date in this place would cost.  Nice. 🙂

I would also like to share that there were a lot of stalls inside Robinsons on Sale.  The department store is also having an All Bags Sale where you can find bags for as low as 49 pesos.  Plus the usual tiangge. 🙂  Here’s SKY promoting a frog purse in one of the tiangge stalls:


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