The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila (RCAM) presents an exhibit of Belen (Nativity Scene) at the Arzobizpado de Manila.

The yearly Belen exhibit which started five years ago with the modest collection of Fr. Genaro Diwa.   Friends and visitors who saw the exhibit began adding to the collection.  This year there are over a hundred crèches from different parts of the world such as Peru, Czechoslovakia, Canada, Mexico, China, Italy, Spain, Mongolia, and others.

There are many Filipino interpretation of the Belen, some even featuring the native lechon.  The renditions also incorporate various artistic media and materials.  The smallest crèche comes in an egg-sized container while the biggest occupies one big table.

Fr. Diwa says that the meaning of Christmas, and of our faith, can be gleaned from the Belen and a quiet, prayerful contemplation before it can deepen the understanding of the Season.  The exhibit opened last December 15 and will last all throughout the Christmas Season.

Arzobizpado de Manila is located at 121 Arzobizpo St., Intramuros, Manila just walking distance from the Manila Cathedral.

SideTRIP: An Exhibit of Hundreds of Belen (Nativity Scene)
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