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This is not actually the kind of place where you’ll catch the Filipino Christmas Spirit but this is the exact place if you want to find the best Lumpia in town!

Ongpin “China Town” in Manila will be more popular in January 23 next year when we celebrate the Chinese New Year (which is a special non-working holiday by the way).  But for now, Tam and I just went there late afternoon after shopping for some gifts and Christmas give-aways at the Carriedo area and at the SM Quiapo Clearance Outlet located at C. Palanca street.

We craved for some Lumpiang Sariwa and we know just the right shop that makes the best tasting lumpia in Manila.  The New Eastern Garden Restaurant located along Ongpin, just a few blocks away from Ronquillo and Plaza Sta. Cruz.

You can buy their Lumpia in four varieties –  actually only two but in two different sizes, small and large.  You may opt to have your Lumpia with or without the seaweeds.  They both tasted great but we love our Lumpia to have that real exotic feel so we ordered the one with seaweeds.  This is what we usually order. 🙂

I chose to not show you an image of their Lumpia because this is a spoiler-free post .. and because we were so hungry that day that the Lumpia disappeared quickly before I could think of taking a photo of  the dish hehehe.  But here’s Tam buying our Lumpia for take-out at the counter area. 🙂

You can tell that they serve you the same quality of food all the time because, can you see that guy on the cashier area and that woman (in blue) behind the counter?  Ever since I laid my eyes on this shop (which was many years ago – more than a decade) they were already there serving the same dishes to customers and not much has changed.  That was really weird ’cause imagine the loyalty of these people to this restaurant, not unless they are part owners.. which I failed to ask .. blaming it on the hunger once again. 🙂

Aside from Lumpia, they also serve traditional Chinese dishes that are really very tasty.  Don’t be fooled by the small space they have a dining area upstairs for those who wants to dine in.

If you love Lumpiang Sariwa – Chinese Style.. I recommend you to try and visit this one.  A small Lumpia with Seaweeds costs 40.00,  add 10 Pesos and you’ll get it large.

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