What’s the number one problem of those who are frequently online and in writing mode?  If you guessed shoulder, neck and back pains?  – then you’ve guessed correctly.

So, when someone invited me to try out a massage clinic in North Commonwealth, I immediately said yes. 🙂

ROYAL OASIS is located at Unit 1-D GV Square, North Commonwealth, Fairview, Quezon City.  The building is beside a 24 hour KOWLOON HOUSE and in front of ELYONG’s.  It’s just a few blocks away from Regalado Hi-way (the street leading to SM Fairview).

The first thing that I’ve noticed about the place is its serene environment which is perfect because you’ll normally go to a massage not only to take away some body pains but also to relax and relieve some emotional and most often, work-related stress.

The reception area is small but very welcoming and pleasant to the eyes.  It’s like the designer of this place have embraced the zen philosophy and the Japanese art of minimalism.  I love the centerpiece design of the receiving area.

Inside, it’s like a different place – you are greeted by relaxing soft music and the place feels like a garden filled with therapeutic and calming aroma.  The place is so very quiet and peaceful.  – I could live here. 🙂

They have all-in-all 8 beds and 4 massage chairs.  A therapist led me to the foot soak area – where they scrub your foot clean in warm water.  That 5 minute soak was so relaxing already, I imagined an even more relaxing experience with the actual massage.

This is actually my first time to get a full body massage treatment and was really excited about this.  Royal Oasis offers four (4) types of massage treatments:

Royal Treatment THAI MASSAGE – restores the flow of energy throughout the body with stretching techniques that focuses on pressure points.

Royal Tranquility SWEDISH BODY MASSAGE – Slow and long kneading strokes ease the tension away from the body.

Royal Serenity AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – A combination of Swedish Body Massage and therapeutic oils.

Royal Indulgence VOLCANIC STONE MASSAGE – Heated stones placed on body energy points to warm and loosen tired muscles.

Don’t be fooled by those Royal Titles because even though their therapeutic services and relaxing ambiance are for Royalties indeed, their service fees are not.  Imagine having a full 1 hour THAI BODY MASSAGE for only P300.00?  How about a SWEDISH BODY MASSAGE for only 400.00?  Even their VOLCANIC STONE MASSAGE is the lowest that I’ve ever seen at only P800.00 for a full 1 1/2 hour session.

Well anyway, I chose to experience their SWEDISH BODY MASSAGE, of course I consulted first their therapist for the perfect massage for my level of stress  🙂  This is what they recommended for me.

The beds and pillows are clean and have a distinctive smell that relaxes you even more – everything inside this place is so relaxing.   The massage was so awesome!  You can tell that their therapists have been trained well.  I doze off a little and I think that was the real measure of a successful massage – it’s when you felt comfortable and relaxed enough that you fall asleep.

After the massage, the therapist will ask you if you want a glass of water or a ginger tea served to you at the reception area.   One more thing to look forward to at Royal Oasis is their perfectly blended Ginger Tea. 🙂

I truly loved my experience with Royal Oasis and will be sure to come back with friends to try the Volcanic Stone Massage.

Here are the basalt stones that they use for the Volcanic Stone Massage 🙂

Royal Oasis is open from Mondays to Sundays, from 2:00pm to 2:00am.  They have some exciting promos for clients starting this December:

  • Get a FREE 30-Minute Extension on all services from Mondays to Thursdays if you checked in between 2 – 5 pm.
  • This holiday season, Royal Oasis gives you the gift of VOLCANIC STONE MASSAGE now for just only P600.00!
  • Royal Oasis also gives its customers wonderful birthday treats.  Get 25% Off on all services within 7 days before and after your Birthday.
  • Share the gift of wellness this Christmas Season! Gift Certificates are now available for only P300.  Buy 10, get 1 FREE.

Royal Oasis  is truly a haven for those in need of pampering that will refresh and rejuvenate them into facing the challenges of daily life.  With that said and after that great massage, I think I’m now ready to finish all of my backlogs 🙂

For more info about Royal Oasis and for reservations please call 9043099 or 09179426176 or like them on FACEBOOK

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